Same Sex Marriages

Another hot topic in the political and religious arenas is the debate over whether or not our country should be legalizing same sex marriages between those who are involved in a homosexual relationship. The homosexual movement continues to grow in force and number, and they have now got big enough where they are wanting their homosexual relationships formally legalized as real marriage unions in the states they are now living in. Many liberal minded Christians are now supporting this legalization, thinking that God the Father has no problems with this union, much less have any problems with homosexuality in general. As Christians, the only thing that should matter to us is what God the Father thinks about this issue - not what the politicians think, not what some of the liberal media thinks, and not what the world in general thinks. For those of you who really want to know what God the Father thinks about same sex marriages - the Bible once again gives us a very direct and solemn answer on this very controversial issue. It simply is a matter of putting together 3 very basic and solid verses from Scripture, and then extrapolating off of those three verses. The first verse was from Leviticus 20:13 - where it says that a man shall not lie with another man as he would with a woman, and if he does, this act will be considered an abomination in the eyes of God. The second verse was from 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 - where it lists the sin of homosexuality as one of the specific sins that will literally keep you from being able to enter into heaven when you die and cross over. I believe those two specific verses from Scripture are God's 1-2 punch answer on this issue. When God says that any kind of homosexual act will be considered an abomination in His sight - and then tops it off by saying that this kind of activity will prevent you from being able to enter into heaven - I believe these are the two strongest and strictest warnings that God can possibly give us on this one topic. When God uses the word "abomination" to describe this specific sin - He is using the strongest and most intense word that He can possibly use to describe what He really thinks about this particular sin. There is simply no way to spin or sugarcoat what these two verses are trying to tell us. They are both direct and as plain as day. The third verse from the Bible tells us that God the Father does not change, and that He is the same today as He was yesterday. What this tells us, without any other possible interpretation or spin that you can put on this - is that if God the Father thought homosexuality was an abomination in the Old Testament - then He will still think that it is an abomination in the New Testament. There is simply no way that God the Father is going to change His mind on this issue from Old Testament times to New Testament times - especially with the Bible telling us that God does not, cannot, and will not change! When God first created man - He created one man and one woman and then told them to be fruitful and multiply. He did not create George for Adam or Lisa for Eve. He created Eve for Adam. Nowhere in Scripture does God the Father ever ordain or approve of any type of homosexual relationship between two men or two women. With these first three verses now locked firmly and solidly in place - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what God's opinion is going to be on any type of same sex marriage. This is simply a matter of one plus one equaling two.
If any type of homosexual act is a complete and utter abomination in the eyes of God - then trying to take a homosexual relationship one step further into the grounds of holy matrimony is going to be just as much of an abomination in His sight as any type of homosexual activity was beforehand. It is my own personal opinion that trying to legalize a homosexual relationship under the holy grounds of marriage is not only an obvious abomination before the Lord - but it may actually be another notch or two higher up on His abomination scale. I believe that the sacrament and institution of marriage is something very holy, very sacred and very special in the eyes of God. Any homosexual who wants to try and take their abominable acts one step further into God's holy ground of matrimony is mocking and defiling God Almighty Himself. Any liberal Christian who is thus actively supporting or engaging in this particular abomination is treading on extremely dangerous grounds with God the Father.
To those liberal Christians whose hands this article may fall into - I challenge you to go before God the Father and ask and get His opinion and truth on this issue. Put your request before Him - and then wait for His answer. Put aside all of your biased and prejudicial views on this topic for just a moment, and simply seek God and His direct answer on this issue - keeping your mind completely open to what He will want to come back with. If you think you are 100% correct in your assumptions that God has no problems with your homosexual lifestyle or beliefs - then you will have nothing to lose by asking God for His direct answer on this issue. If you are truly a Christian - then you should have no problem in going direct to God in a deep, intense and seeking prayer mode to get Him to answer your question on this issue. God will be our final judge when everything is all finally said and done. Sooner or later we will all face God and Jesus for our own personal judgment at the judgment seat of Christ. To those of you who consider yourself liberal-minded Christians - the choice is yours if you want to roll the dice on this issue and not get it settled with God before you die and cross over. God has spoken out loud and clear for all the world to hear as to what His opinion really is on homosexuality and same sex marriages with the way that He has worded these two verses. These two verses on homosexuality are as plain as day and they mean exactly what they are saying.
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