Nintendo Wii U Will Support Android

Many are waiting for the arrival of Nintendo’s next generation console, the Wii U and while we wait for its official launch, it seems that additional information about this game console has come to light. Intererstingly enough, it would seem that Nintendo’s console will support Google’s Android operating system from the day that it launches.

This is not unusual to see, we’ve seen other companies make use of Android apps as well in the past. Take for instance, Research In Motion who tried to make their BlackBerry devices more alluring by integrating Android so that Android apps could be used easier. In the case of Nintendo however, it appears that they are going a step further by including Android in their consoles where it will run side by side with Nintendo’s own software and interfaces.

Over the last few years, Nintendo has taken a hit in terms of its competitiveness against Microsoft and Sony. As both of these companies have seen some growth in their portable consoles, Nintendo has remained stagnant. Part of this could be attributed to their product lifecycle which has been slow in releasing new products. If Google is indeed onboard, Nintendo may have an opportunity to integrate some of Google’s other services more closely, thereby giving them a possible edge against their competitors.


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