“MAKE YOUR PLANS” (feat) Mello-D

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From: The ‘MC’ (The Master Constructor) DOUBLE ALBUM OUT MY B-DAY, 12/12/12!!!
By: Apostle Ricardo Butler aka ReAsOn (DiSciPLe)

Featuring: Raburn Bennett aka Mello-D

Produced by Czheckz of Czheckz Production
Written: February 27th, 2011

Song inspired by: The Christians on the West Coast

To hear song click here: http://www.soundclick.com/player/single_player.cfm?songid=10396915&q=hi


Make ya plan/ this ain’t man/ the Way to go/

Make a U-e turn around you moving too slow/

Back to the starting line boy you offside/

You playing with the right one baby you need Christ/

Here’s advice/ from two OG’z/

If you don’t believe us we in our thirties/

That’s 10-20-Life or even worst/

You’ll be a reject/ ejected from the church/ (1x)


Verse 1

First quarter/ sunflower seeds I slaughter/

Sitting on the porch I drink water/

He drinks a quart of/ Ole’ English/

I seem him/ down the street fiendish/

Look in his eyes I’m thinking/ “What he up to?/

In all black late night ’bout to dump two/

Clips in the house of two known gangstaz/

He’s an ex-banger/ good job in hangers/

A pilot/ then I thought hard about it/

Dem the dudes that killed his daughter got out quick/

For name dropping/ slap on the wrist no stopping him/

He’s determined ain’t no cops in/

The way this time he done planned it out/

I’m praying to myself, LORD handle it now/

Or never forever life sentence death penalty/

Is what Florida State given G’z/

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  • I'm just leaving bread crumbs of what's going to be on my final album dropping on my birthday on 12/12/12. TEN MORE DAYS LEFT!

  • I always love reading your stuff brother
  • You stay on your grind!

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