Eddy Puyol keeps music on mission with Nothing Changed But My Stage Name

Eddy Puyol keeps music on mission with Nothing Changed But My Stage Name

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – When a recording artist switches up his public persona and presentation, it's certainly reasonable for fans to inquire about the reason behind the decision. This is especially true for musicians with brands built on their faith.

With his new album, Eddy Puyol, formerly known as Christian rapper Rawsrvnt, wants to assure listeners Nothing Changed But My Stage Name.

It's not the first project since the modified moniker (see 2022's Pronounced Pooh-Yole), but it's still a question posed to Puyol from time to time. The project's title also reminds him to align the purpose of both his life and music.

"Over the years it just felt natural to adapt my performance identity from Rawsrvnt to the name I was given at birth. But best believe I'm still on the same mission to honor God and love people through my art," Puyol said.

This current collection of songs proves to be quite the self-portrait for Puyol. Several, "Like a Cadillac" and "Bang Bang Baby," sample his previous work. Others, such as "Everything I Got," "Good Time," and "You Gotta Vibe," all draw inspiration from various members of his family. Eddy also had a large hand in producing each track with longtime collaborator Chuck Hemann.

"It's quite fulfilling to design and build a work like this," Puyol said. "The name on the album cover might be a bit different than you're used to, but the message in the music will always be the same."

Both the Nothing Changed But My Stage Name album and the visual for the "Like a Cadillac" single (filmed by Will Thomas with Miami's Magic City Classic Car Club) are now available.

Written by: Sketch the Journalist

Track list
1. Trust God
2. Bang Bang Baby
3. Club Five Twelve
4. Like a Cadillac
5. Good Time
6. Everything I Got
7. You Gotta Vibe
8. Blessings

Stream or download at your favorite digital platform.

Watch "Like a Cadillac" music video






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