Daily Devotions for Men - The Strength in God

We've been looking at Samson, One of the things Samson was known for was his great strength. He he killed a lion with his bare hands. He was attacked by a lion and he ripped that lion apart and he defeated that lion. He killed a thousand men at one time with the jawbone of an ass. The Bible says you know he was at one point. He picked up the gates of the city, which were huge and put him on his back and he carried them away. He was known for some great feats of strength and, as we look at Samson you might say well man that was samson.


Maybe maybe we got a picture of Samson, maybe like arnold schwarzenegger or something like that, but and sometimes we put that strength, that physical strength, that you know that well, that was Samson well, although we may not have - and most of us may never get into a Spot where we have to kill a lion with our bare hands, or we have to face a thousand enemy and kill them with our bare hands or with a tool like they fought back in that time, most of us will not have to carry off the gates Of the city, but you see one of the things that that made samson powerful and put him in the role call of faith was his great strength and I believe one of the things that can make us powerful, as men of God, is our strength. But Ephesians 6:10 says, Finally, my brethren be strong in the Lord and the power of his might. We may not do the physical acts of strength, but there should be an aspect in our lives like Samson. We should be strong in the Lord.


We should have our strength in God, and you know I might, I know I've lifted weights. It probably doesn't look like it, but I mean you could lift weights and you could measure the strength of a man by how much weight he could lift or how much he could benchpress or how much he could curl. And so I might say this: where is your spiritual strength that today, you can tell your spiritual strength by maybe how well you handle adversity? How well you handle problems, maybe I might even say: how often do you get to the house of God? How often do you are you able to serve in the house of God?


How much are you able to support your pastor that'll tell some things about your spiritual strength, and you know if I was to tell you you needed to increase your physical strength. You might think I need to do push-ups or you know. Maybe I need to start lifting some weights things like it, but how would you increase your spiritual strength? I might say this if you were going to increase your spiritual strength, you're gon na need to spend time in the Word of God. If you're going to increase your spiritual strength, I might say you're gon na need some time of worshiping the Lord spending time in his presence.


Isaiah 40:31 says those that wait upon the Lord that ministered to the Lord. He renews their strength. There's there's a place of strength in the presence of God and then as well in the presence of God. The Bible says: there's fullness of joy and it is right, hand are pleasures forevermore and the Bible says in Nehemiah 8:10 that the joy, the Lord, is your strength as we look at Samson. Samson had great strength.


I might ask you, how great is your spiritual strength and what do you need to do to increase your strength, so you can do some great spiritual feats for the kingdom of God.









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