Announcing The Launch of The New Street Wear Brand,  Y.A.H Apparel!

I’m proud to announce the launch of my new street clothing brand, Yah Apparel!

Let me ask you a question. What if a streetwear brand actually did represent street culture?  I mean The art of it

There are a lot of dope streetwear brands out there.  I wanted to create a brand that was just as dope, with the same quality but focused on street art. I grew up in the Compton area, loving graffiti art. When I became a teenager I fell in love with the brand, Marc Ecko. He was a graffiti artist and back in the day, his shirts featured dope art pieces. As he began to grow I feel like I didn’t see the art in the shirts as much. 

Later in life, I started to dream about starting my own line of T Shirts and hats. I even got a grip of hats from the 99 Cent store and some Iron on transfers from Staples to experiment and see if I could do this myself at home for the Low. Lol It didn’t go well at all!

Well fast forward to now and I’m very excited about the brand and I hope you will be too. Visit the store, at Y.A.H. Apparel ,look around. And if you have any ideas please hit me up!

What do you look for in a streetwear brand?



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