Looking for eyeshadow ideas for black women and for other ladies with dark skin tone? We see a lot of eyeshadow ideas for green, blue, brown and even hazel eyes but most of them are for women with fair skin. This post focuses on the best eyeshadow colors and other eye makeup tips for women with darker skin tones.  Check out our list of eyeshadow ideas for black women to get all the looks you need!

1. Blue Smokey Eyeshadow

This blue smokey eye is simply gorgeous. It’s finished with a pale, nude lipstick to contrast the skin and compliment the blue eyeshadow. This is a simple yet very powerful makeup look you can even try even if you have brown eyes.

2. Pink Eyeshadow

Pink eyeshadow is another awesome makeup idea you should definitely try as they will complement nicely with your skin color. Apply the same eyeshadow color to the waterline to make your eyes more vibrant and alive. To amp up the effect, add a dab of glitter to make your pink eye makeup noticeable. Check out some of our favorite glitter makeup tutorials and looks here.

3. Plum & Caramel Eyeshadow

Mixing these eyeshadow shades to create this look is a colorful alternative to smokey eyes. This plum and caramel eye makeup colors are fab, we urge you to try this look at a party! Try matte ombre lips to top the look off.

4. Gold Eyeshadow

Gold brings about a very glamorous feel. It highlights the natural beauty of every black women’s eyes. Make sure to blend the shimmers well so it doesn’t appear clumpy on your lids and the outer corner of your eyes.

5. Black Eyeshadow

You might get a little skeptical using black eyeshadow but fear not. Check out how well Jennifer Hudson uses black to create an unstoppable smokey eye look. For definition, use a darker shade of black eyeliner to rim your eyes and to make them pop out from the eyeshadow color. Finish the look with two to three coats of black mascara.

Tip: When using eyeshadow, earth tones, pinks, and neutral lip colors work. These lip colors look good with just about whatever color you choose for your eyeshadow. If you want to focus on your lips, go with subtle colors on your eyes and vice versa.

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