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  • Happy birthday brother, be blessed

  • Hey! I'm cool.  What's good with you?

  • I think its wonderful for people trying to find people who love God and express the love through various ways of praise and worship such as music art and poetry awesome networking tool for Christian artist whoever thought this up I'm positive they go far in reaching people of God and in helping leaders in the musical part of the body connect in their ministries....thumbs up!
  • Shalom wuz good my brother.. Been a minute yo.. how you been?

  • Thanks, Jamal. It's good to be encouraged. I pray that the Comforter comforts and encourages you, just like you've blessed me. 

  • Thanks Mighty Men! God Bless you Brothers...

  • hey Jamal,yea everything is going good actually! I'm in the process of starting up this homeless center that has a lot more needs for the people(daycare,cafeteria,etc)since the state has dropped the ball. how you doin and what are you up to?

  • Red Ribbon
  • Thanks for the encouraging comment, Jamal. We have a long way ahead of us, God willing. This is only the beginning. We've been building all year, and we are about to release our albums, starting in January 2012.

  • Glory to God homie, LEGGO!!!
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