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Why Advertise on The Oracle Sites?

The Oracle is one of  the leading Christian Hip-Hop lifestyle networks on the Internet. The Oracle launched in 2008 and has been a daily source of information to the global Christian Hip-Hop community.
We specialize in providing the young Christian community with information relevant to their needs.

The Oracle is now proud to offer tailor-made advertising plans for your business, website, special event, or whatever it is you'd like to promote.

How Much Traffic Does The Oracle  Get?

With very little advertising of our own, our traffic manages to steadily grow month to month. With a big advertising effort planned for 2013, we expect even greater gains in traffic from the figures listed below.


Hits  = 159,936

Page Views  = 38,307

What are the visitors demographics?

The Oracle gets traffic every month by over 100 countries. The largest portion of our visitors comes from The United States (Commercial, Educational, Personal and Military networks) followed by China

and Great Britain. Though our visitors range from 10-40 years in age and are of both genders, our target market is without a doubt male (80%) and between the ages of 15-24 (70%).

Are Banners Exclusive or Rotating?

When you buy ad space from us you are guaranteed exclusive rights to a spot on a specific page(s) for a predetermined amount of time (30 days or more).

What File Formats Do you Accept?

.gif and .jpg

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

Our preferred method of payment is PayPal . We also accept Money Orders and personal checks but must wait for them to clear before ads are posted. All ad space must be prepaid.

Are there other options?

Yes, the options are endless. Contact us for a custom package.

*We can also develop custom targeted advertising campaigns to meet your individual needs and budgets.

If you'd like to discuss your options first, simply contact us through email or by calling. We will email you an invoice once we agree on a package.

Constantly raising the bar since it's inception 5 years ago, The Oracle serves as the ideal medium to reach your consumer, which is why we're relied on by independent artist and labels for their advertising needs.
Outlined below are our basic advertising opportunities:


We offer the three primary banners by IAB standards: 728x90, 300x250, 160x600,

Newsletter Sponsorships

We offer a 468x60 sized banner as well in our newsletter, which will reach up to 25,000 readers. Sold at a flat rate on a per week  basis.

How Can The Oracle Help Me With My Project?

We can develop a targeted advertising campaign to meet your projects demands. We love to work with labels and assortment of clothing and apparel companies, beverage companies and others seeking to reach Christian Hip-Hop lovers.
Our representatives will work with you to ensure that your campaign receives maximum results.
Please contact or call (850)345-3710.

Advertising with The Oracle

The Oracle offers some of the most competitive and affordable advertising plans of any Hip Hop site on the Net! Our prices are affordable and perfect for independent artist.

We can also partner with you to design a customized marketing plan for your project.

Property                                              Type of Ad                                        Dimensions                   Rate       Sponsor all Feature Blog post            All Sizes            $50 Per week       Sponsor all Feature video post          125 x 125          $50 per week       Header Full Banner                            160 X 600          $30 Per month       Footer Full  Banner                            160 X 600          
$15 Per month     Vertical tower                                    160 X 600          $20 per week     Vertical tower                                    120 X 240          $25 Per week       News Letter Sponsorship                  N/A                    $50 Per News Letter         Featured Video                                 N/A                     $20 per day       Sponsor all Feature Blog post           All Sizes              $50 Per week         Website Sponsor                              125 X125             $50 per month


Please contact us with any questions or requests regarding advertising. Also, if you wish to send payment via regular mail please contact us for the address. Please include contact information along with your payment.



Call: (850) 345 - 3710

You can also join and become a member of our community.

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