CONQUEST - The JW4: The John Wick 4 (Official Video) ft. R.Q.Tek, Ziearre & Jarred Allstar

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Directed & edited by LV|XL
Written by Jason Andre Roberts aka CONQUEST, R.Q.Tek, Ziearre & Jarred Allstar
Produced by Dax Hamma
Co-Produced by CONQUEST
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Cody Shallow

“THE JW4: The John Wick 4” is 2nd release off both “A Radical Interruption: The Director’s Cut” & “A Radical Interruption: The Original Soundtrack”. Inspired the action-thriller series of the same name, CONQUEST, ‘Tek, Ziearre & Jarred use the metaphor of that character to address the fact that they are on the frontlines of fighting spiritual and societal warfare within hip-hop culture, even while their faith in Jesus has them positioned as target themselves. The Dax Hamma produced beat serves as a perfect soundtrack for both a John Wick action sequence, as well as for these four lyricists aggressively attacking with this “boom-trap” production with an array of styles. With the video, these four emcees portray the good sides (mostly black with white shirt) and bad sides (all black) of themselves in a back and forth adventure between good and evil, inspired by the John Wick series.








They say I'm from the army of the Lord, born again for conflict
Anybody mess with my dawgs, I'm John Wick
And I never needed Khaled to show what God did
I've been set apart from the beginning, I got this
Yeah, yeah I got this, that's right, I'm God's gift
Your talk is toxic, with this walk, I'm John Wick
Yeah, yeah I got this, that's right, I'm God's gift
In New York they pop kids, so I talk like John Wick


I got an Arsenal within my black suit, blast you at close range
You're "All apologies", I cut that short, I'm curt/Kurt as Cobain
Shouldn't pardon you, they got black youth rapping 'bout cocaine
While giving out turkeys, your game like Shaq & Kobe, yet I want you both saved
There's no way that I'm backing down, really tho' you should know Jay's
a student of Illmatic, Madvilliany & The Cold Vein
Church to the wild, I rep the Lamb of God in both lanes
But some 'Burn The Priest' as 'no names'
These Christians bad mouth preachers with worse feedback than bad loud speakers
Facing the mic/Mike, it's "Thriller" night with how you pass out speechless
"Sevendust" classic, you're a savage with "crash out" speeches
Yet in 'Denial' more than Peter when he asked about Jesus
While I'm a cast out demons
While referencing rap, rock & the King Of Pop 'cause I'm a flat out genius
Who's a natural born killer with scripture enforced pulling a sinner to live through the cross
I am D.Wade with an alley oop toss to Lebron when I stretch out my hands for the Lord
I'm think I'm back, now see it! I'm John Wick (2X)

Facebook: @JasonConquestRoberts
Instagram: @radicalonfire
Twitter: @radicalonfire

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