Battle rapper Jin finds the Light

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Battle rapper Jin released a new song on his myspace and youtube called "Welcome to the Light Club..", listen to it here: (lyrics below) I got a session booked for 7 and its 6:35 so I got 25 minutes to conjure up this rhyme its been a long time right stepped away from the limelight but the breaks over Holy Spirit takeover they say the truth will set you free if you so believe Jesus is the truth with Him freedom can be achieved I feel the need to let loose right at this instance confession booth vocal booth really what's the difference see when I use to battle I declared I'm the boss I couldn't be defeated.. until I lost not once not twice my opponents were killin' me ego crushed but it also taught me humility was once on the top sent straight to the bottom some thought double r dropped him others straight forgot him I used to hear the side commentary and get upset with it until I realized what was said had some sense in it no excuses for the stupid records that I made would I still be sayin' this if those records had got me paid? I can't call it either way I'm tryin' to save what's left of my soul and not just what's goin inside my wallet the beat was the canvas the paint was my rhymes never thought that I could use my art to infiltrate ya minds i used the mic to express how I possessed a lota skills my lust for the opposite sex and 100 dolla bills Common said He Used To Love H.E.R. yo she still my baby so it's only right I learn to treat H.E.R. like a lady you want raps about pimpin' killin' snitchin' ballin'? you won't get 'em from me naw that's not my callin' God Almighty reached out I mean this sincerely He spoke to me like Morgan Freeman did to Jim Carey it's no coincidence he got me out in Hong Kong that I'd get it poppin' out here He knew it all along listen to have much faith requires practice they'll probably say I'm trippin' they did it to John the Baptist this is not a rumor God is so great I'm a late bloomer got baptized in '08 better late than never that's how the saying goes all my brothers and sisters that are praying knows Mark chapter 10 the 31st verse the first shall be last and the last shall be first Amen.

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