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  • How you been brother! Its been awhile

  • peace my dude,, how you been my dude..???
  • Glory to God homie, LEGGO!!!
  • Praise God.  Thanks fam!
  • Thanks!... I dont why you showed them 'Plague' if you wanted to prove christian rap isnt wacked... HAHAHA....

    that album was made such a long time ago... I am honoured that people still refer to it. i still perform songs from it. All glory to God!

  • Thank You for checking on me, I really appreciate it. I just been grinding at work, and getting word about my book other there. Always faithful to the Yah the Father!
  • Thanks 4 the luv and support!
  • Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • Amen, we are here to edify and build each other up in the Faith. Please checkout my website at for more postings and share with others. Shalom...
  • peace my dude... thank you for even taking the time to listen cuz one thing i know is time is somthing we don't get back. I give God all the Glory, all i can say is cop that mixtape yo its madd raw and bible all the way listen and you will hear scriptures being revealed through song form. just continue to spread the word for me yo cuz it's not about music for me no more but about spreading the Gospel of Christ i just use music on one way to do it. 7vnseal is what i do but not who i am.


    1luv my dun.. ive just begun this journey now so there is more to come way more....



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