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  • Amen. Thanks a lot
  • Thanks 4 the luv n support bro.
  • Thanks so much for the support & friendship bro... Let's take Christ to the streets you hear me!!! Let's show the world that we're not ashamed of Jesus & walk in the fullest of our Lord & Savior. Yeaaah, rocking our "Jesus Christ Swag" with confidence & authority living in victory you hear me!!! No weapon formed against us shall prosper & we more than conquers so let's go hard for the king, win the lost & remind the enemy that he gets STOMPED!!! LEGGO!!!

  • Thank you for reading! I was led by the Holy Spirit to start the blog website, and to write the book "Divinity," after being deployed to the desert and finding out how little people knew about the Word of God and what they did was a lie. Thank You for the edifying words and may the Lord keep you...
  • Wuz good my brother how you doing today.....well hopefully this cut will be done soon... u said you finally got with dirt... what did the bearded man have to say?
  • Thanks fam!!
  • THE DEVIL IS UNDER MY FEET IN CHRIST NAME! luke 10:19- ima tell u like this yo i hate his fithy guts he can burn in hell with all his rebelious angels. as for me and my house we shall serve the Lord allmighty!
    he is pulling his bag of trick and i will pull the word of God! let him bring the worst im ready....... no weapon formed against shall prosper.... if God be for me who can be against me... im prepped for war boots is muddy.
  • peace wuz good brah.... well this weekend has been madd crazy yo.. satan tried to kill a few of us if he could he would. on friday i recieved a call that my apt building was on fire came home my apt is semi destroyed but not all can be repaired in time. the next door lady behind us  was burnt 50% of her body and is in critical condition. we have been in a hotel as of last friday and will be until thursday this week and will be out of commision of music for a month or so...maybe... God is good.... no matter what he tried to destroy that which the Lord is doing but he will not pervail. i thank God that the apt is damage enough to be replaced in time and not completly destroyed. but the lady behind us like 3feet behind us is in critical condition pray for her she might not make it.

    beverely is her name.


    ight my dude... satan hates me and i hate his guts!!! till the end i war for the Gospel!

  • Yeah, this is Insight. You are on my friends list on CRHH also.

    Wow @ 3 years. I give off my hats to you because I know how expensive it can be. I've posted ads to help offset the costs but the ads have made $0.00 so far, lol.

    Thanks Bro @ GMail. You've just given me an idea. I'm going to post an article on my Internet Business and Marketing site about that. I'll email you the link when the article is done. I'll try to do it tomorrow. Today I work at my day job all day.

  • I'm the founder and owner of Heaven's Disciples, a brand new entertainment company and record label. I also developed and own all the sites listed on the HD home page, including the Christian Rap and Hip Hop social network (I believe this is your profile).

    I'll let you know if I come up with any ideas as I get situated on this site. When did you start The Oracle Mag?

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