Shut Us Down (With Lyrics) - Sho Baraka Feat. Lecrae & After Edmund

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The song “Shut Us Down” by Sho Baraka Feat. Lecrae & After Edmund. It is off his album Lions & Liars. Lyrics: Hook (After Edmund) Run with us, or you can hate me/ But it will be hard to shut us down/ Verse 1 Call your man, call your girl, tell them all call their bluff/ Tell them call the stations ask them why they hate on us/ Took an ouch for His people just so He can stay in touch/ Check the record books you’re better off to run with us/ Call us punks, call us weak, call us chumps, call us dumb/ Call the verizon network and that’s not enough/ On the tv on the block, on theirs phone call us wack/ Go ahead a try to shut us down, aint no app for that/ Verse 2 Lecrae Verse 3 Some think we’re mess some calling us blessed/ A mic and a stage don’t always equals success/ Sometimes a bigger platform only brings more stress/ So I watch my life and my doctrine and pray for the best/ AT said go and shine your light homes/ They wanna see his crash like the Dow Jones/ It’s like Matt 16 who can come against it/ You can be a Pharisee or you can be a witness/ If we stay in the church they will call us religious/ If we go on mtv and the saints think were trippin/ If we try to hit the streets then we’re thugs in sin/ With those spectator you cant expect to win/ Its hard to make decisions when theory clouded your vision/ Sometimes I’m confused with who is the opposition/ I swear I heard cheers when I fumbled the ball/ They claim they’re on our team but praying for our fall/

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