New Music! 18 - Mission

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Verse 1: You still getting played get yo game up/ mission never changed I’m the same one/ talking bout a puddle boy I ain’t one/ I was outside when the rain come/ grew up on the corner we was parked on the ave/ I ain’t go to school this is art this this a class/ riding in a stoley and my heart beating fast/ we was dead wrong still pray we don’t crash/ had my first baby outta wedlock/ satan still aiming at yo head top/game some changes but I’m still popping/ Cooking all my beef yea Red Robin/thinking bout the pass got my head throbbing/ first girl broke my heart and she still bopping/put it all on track this the real logic/ i been praying for the fam and some filled pocket/ ain’t have much mom still paid rent/ y’all will sell all for the clout I’m convinced/ion wanna talk if you still on the fence/ I was hungry back then so I don’t reminisce/ Yea you can’t gone get it by wishing/ the ops cant see me so I keep the windows tented/ offered it all can’t believe it was tempting/ thought it was forever can’t belive you was distant

Hook: My people hate evil/ we sliding gray regal/they join can’t beat ‘em/ no revenge we even/ A team this a great team/ can’t see em doin great things/ too dark then the light beam I was 18 Goin 18

Verse 2: Heard somebody talking but I can’t call it / is you really even trying if you ain’t falling/ they say you nothing if you ain’t balling/ you got hella racks but you still lonely/ listen to yo music and it’s drills only/ then you online talk bout free the homie/ ain’t nobody ask me but I’m speaking on it/ why you taking picture whenyou feed the homeless/ big kicking with my señorita / spend a ticket eating chicken out in Alemeda/ i was giving I remember I ain’t have it either/ pay attention this confession of a real believer/ i ain’t trip build with brick like I’m rock james/ when you lose everything it’s a different pain/ when you gain it all back you don’t feel the same/ I could never play the roll and jump in different lanes/ watch out man tryna pull a fast one/ aoy bus down real fashion/ all my sins lay it down like a casket/ yea I’m saved from the hood so I’m ratchet/ big God gone do big thangs/ play around when knowing all along it’s a fixed game/ if I had a choice Never pick fame/ said I stopped it’s hard to believe that like the Big Bang

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