KIDD - Hipsavvy: The Introduction 7/4/14 (@kiddmmf @rapzilla)

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KIDD shares the creation process for one of the new songs from his upcoming free EP - 'Hipsavvy: The Introduction' releasing 7/4/14. Tracklisting 1. Angelisa (Intro) 2. Hipsavvy Cypher ft. John Givez & Ruzel (prod. by KIDD) 3. Insomnia Vacation ft. Derek Luh (prod. by Ace The Vig & KIDD) 4. Versace Dreams ft. John Givez (prod. by KIDD & Wontel) 5. A Talk (Interlude) (prod. by Ace The Vig) 6. Jumpman [After The Rain] ft. JGivens (prod. by Wontel) 7. Babylon[ER] ft. Kiya Lacey (prod. by Wontel) 8. Black Sheep [Yung Lupe] ft. DJ Aktual (prod. by Ace The Vig & KIDD) 9. Dat Typa Dude (prod. by KIDD) 10. Dolla Dolla Billa (Interlude) 11. We$t Coa$t (prod. by DVIOUSMINDZ) 12. The Birth Of… (prod. by RXN & KIDD)

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