Layers of zucchini, carrots and onions with a perfectly spiced meat sauce nestled in. You can use ground beef or turkey for the meat sauce. I like to serve this over Lebanese rice
Mediterranean Olive Oil Pasta

This one is my girls' favorite pasta. Extra virgin olive oil with garlic and fresh parsley makes the light sauce here, add in some Mediterranean favorites like cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts and a sprinkle of feta. You can serve this with nearly any protein of choice, or just keep it vegetarian. 
One large salmon fillet (three pounds or so), simply seasoned then covered in a flavorful garlic-balsamic glaze and fresh herbs. It's an easy weeknight dinner but great for company as well.
Orange Harissa Lamb Chops

You'll love how easy these lamb chops are! They take only 6 minutes to cook; you can throw them on the grill or your cast iron skillet. The secret is in theharissa spice + a garlic orange marinade. These are a real crowd pleaser, and you don't need much but a hearty salad or maybe these zucchini boats on the side. 
Mediterranean Tuna Salad 

This is what I call "tuna salad with the works!" A healthy no-mayo tuna salad with fresh chopped veggies, herbs, and a zesty Dijon vinigarette. I think I've told you before that I usually like to pack this tuna in a pita pocket for sandwich night. 


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