By Shakura Reed

This month lets reflect on the women who made history throughout the world and in our families. We all know a woman that has been a positive influence in our lives. It’s that influence that has caused us to walk in our purpose and destiny. That has motivated us to go above all hell and fire. Now that’s a woman who deserves to be remembered through out history. Look within your circle and give her props. Even if that women are no longer on this side of heaven. Still give her the due recognition on this side! Remember its our job to make sure that their accomplishments, sacrifices, struggles, victories and love. 




About The Author 

Shakura Was Born in the beautiful summer of 1978 in Texas yet raised in Louisiana. She is the second of six children of her mother and the only child of her father. She is a mother of seven and a grandmother of one. Baking, dancing, listening to music and attending women conferences are just a few of her hobbies. She joined The Oracle in fall of 2019

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