"The truth is Christ is real, the truth is Satan's real The truth is one came to give life, one came to kill, The truth is Christ is real, the truth is Satan's realWhich truth do you choose? Which truth do you reveal? - Tunnel Ratz

Many Christians like to believe Yahweh exist but they pretend Satan does not. That is one of his greatest tricks. Yahweh wants us to be healthy and whole. But Satan wants the opposite of that for us. But you also have to understand this. Even though Yahweh wants us healthy, he also gave us free will. He allows us to make our own decisions and choices. But he still wants us to live a healthy life. Yahweh is not happy with his children dying of cancer, heart disease, strokes or suffering from diabetes, obesity and arthritis.

Well like I said, we have the freedom to choose right.

Nowadays most most Christians consider the dietary laws found in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 a part of the Jewish ceremonial law. The thought is that the law was destroyed with the death and resurrection of Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus). I believe that is true but I also believe the ceremonial law and the dietary law are two different things.

Many people today will try to get you to believe the pork, shellfish and catfish we have today is healthy, good for you and safe to eat. I definitely disagree with that. That's a lie Satan wants you to believe to keep you diseased and sick. There are many reasons why pork should not be eaten, even today. For one, I know you heard the saying " Eat like a pig". Pigs eat a ridiculous amount of food. And they can't stop. There is no off switch. Well that dilutes the acid in their stomach, allowing toxins, viruses, parasites and bacteria to go directly into the meat. Pigs are also very filthy animals. They love to eat trash, doo doo, and the flesh of dead animals. In ancient times pigs were literally the sewer and waste management system. Again, all that filth ends up in the meat. And like I said, pigs can carry parasites in the meat. That includes a tape worm called Trichina. Trichina is one of the 19 worms found in pork. It can lead to a disease called trichinosis. Studies have shown that even when the meat is cooked at an extreme temperatures, they still live.

Now let's talk about shellfish AKA shrimp, lobster and crabs. Shellfish help purify the water of pathogenic bacteria like cholera.  Some shellfish can filter up to 50 gallons of sea water a day. Those filtered toxins can remain in the meat of the shellfish. And alot of those toxins are related to raw sewage. Raw shellfish  is one of the top causes of food poisoning in the United states. Shellfish carry diseases like salmonella and hepatitis A. You can also get paralytic poisoning. Shellfish are scavengers and the roaches of the sea. Their job is to clean the water of impurities. That Filth remains in the meat. The death and Resurrection of Yeshua did not reverse that. They were called an abomination in Leviticus 11:12. The resurrection of the Son of God did not change that.

People will try and say farm raised shellfish. Fixes this problem. Nah fam. The water that farm raised seafood live in can still be contaminated. I know y'all love to eat catfish. They are one of the first to eat the toxins that float to the bottom of  the river pond or stream.

Now one of the main passages people like use to defend eating "unclean"  animals is Acts 10:24  - 11:18. This was Peter's vision of unclean Animals on a sheet. When you read the whole passage you will clearly see this is talking about Jews fellowshipping with Gentiles not eating meat. If you read Acts 10:28 it clearly says "And he said to them, You yourselves know how unlawful it is for a man who is a Jew to associate with a foreigner or to visit him; and yet God has shown me that I should not call any man unholy or unclean" (that's from The New American Standard Translation). So that's pretty clear. Now let me ask this. Do you really think God's message to Peter here is that the Son of God's death and Resurrection performed a biological miracle and now these filthy animals are now fresh, clean and good to eat even though they still eat trash? Yes yeah we could perform this miracle if he wanted to. But science and logic shows us this hasn't happened. 

People also like to bring up 1 Timothy 4:1-5. Well again we have to always read these scriptures in their full context.  1 Timothy 4:4 is not telling us we can eat whatever we want. Here Paul is talking about heretical doctrine of not eating food that Yahweh gave and approved. There was a time when religious leaders tried to present vegetarianism to their followers like it is from God. And you know people still do that today. But these doctrines are heretical and are not from the Bible. So you see this passage has nothing to do with pork or shellfish.


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