When We Don’t Understand – Daily Devotional

Today's scripture reading is Job chapter 23.


 Then job responded even today, my complaint is rebellion. His hand is heavy.


Despite my groaning, oh, that i knew how to find him that i might come to his home. I would present my case before him and fill my mouth with arguments. I would learn the words which he would answer and perceive what he would tell me would he contend with me by the greatness of his power? No, surely he would pay attention to me there. The upright would argue with him and i would be free from my judge forever.


Behold i go forward, but he is not there and backward, but I cannot perceive him when he acts on the left. I cannot see him, he turns to the right, but I cannot see him, but he knows the way I take when he has put me to the test. I will come out as gold. My foot has held onto his path. I have kept his way and not turned aside.


I have not failed the command of his lips. I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my necessary food, but he is unique and who can make him turn whatever his soul desires? He does it for. He carries out what is destined for me and many such destinies are with him. Therefore, i would be terrified at his presence when i consider this.


I am frightened of him. It is god who has made my heart, faint and the almighty who has terrified me, but I am not destroyed by darkness, nor by deep gloom which covers me.


Starting at a very early age, children will repeatedly ask their parents the question. Why and this desire for reasons, isn't something we outgrow as adults, especially during dark times, when we cannot figure out what the Lord is doing, we tend to think if I could just know why, then it would be easier to bear in his extreme suffering. Job experienced pain and frustration at God's silence, he longed to present his case and hear what the lord had to say, but when god did not immediately respond, job nevertheless clung to him and relied upon what he knew to be true. As we read in Job 23:10, he knows the way I take when he has tried me.


I shall come forth as gold like job. Those of us who are believers should funnel our emotions and responses through the truth of God's word. Otherwise, we might be tempted to doubt our heavenly father's, goodness and love since they aren't readily visible in times of hardship. But if we trust in what the scriptures reveal about god's character and ways, we can endure affliction faithfully, whether or not he ever explains why. After all, God never guaranteed us answers during our time on earth, but he did promise to be with us.

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