The idea behind We Live As Kings (WLAK), a  group project that features all the artist signed to Collision Records, Swoope, Christon Gray, Alex Faith and Dre Murray, is more  than a  Hip Hop group. It’s a culture and a way of life according to Swoop. It’s a culture to live here on earth, manage it while reflecting the image of Yahweh. Men nowadays would rather be a goon, then the King they were called to be. As Christians we are co-heirs with Christ, called not to be served, but coming to serve. This is just an album review, so it’s no the place for me to get deep but, this is the message that the artists from Collision Records is trying to get across.

“We Live As Kings  is a culture built around the hope of our redemption, counting not the suffering of the present time worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed to us. Kings are not victims of circumstance. They rise above it, reign despite of it and reflect the image of the one true King throughout it; because they know their kingdom is not of this world, so their hope isn't either.”

Collision Records has been on their grind over the past year, trying to build up some buzz. And now, even though I feel they are still a little slept on, they are one of the most popular Christian Hip Hop camps.

The Intro has no lyrics but it does a good job of setting you up for the rest of the project. Swoop does a good job of blending keys, chants and solid drums into an epic beat.
Imagine, produced by Wit, is a cypher where every emcee goes in and attacks our human nature. Dre Murray, opens the song with;

“ Kids will sell they crown just to be a king”

What Yahweh has already blessed us with is not enough for some people. Some of us want to chase after a crown that was not meant for us. This is just an album review so I don't have the time to get deep. Imagine attacks everything you hear on 106 & Park. There’s a much better life out there for you, and you can live it once you stop chasing material things and focus on what really matters. I was most surprised by Christon Gray’s verse. Yup. The singer got some spit game to em’.

“In hell's jail cell they developing hot bars/ but if they so hot yall/ why ain't they meltin the locks off”

The bars are hitting, on this song and so is the production.
"Long Way Down" is a powerful song. Christon Gray gets into Satan’s mission to steal, kill, and destroy.Vocally Christian is on point like Stacy Adams. My only beef is that Mr. Gray sounds a little too much like Usher. Even my wife noticed, Haha. To be real with you, he gets his Usher on on a few of the tracks. But the overall quality of the project is still in tact. I Digress. Dre Murray breaks down Satan’s goal to deceive, then he points out that Yah loves and will deliver us.

A song that really touched my spirit is Eyes For You featuring Christon Gray, produced by Swoop. The lyrics are so heartfelt, I think any Christian husband will feel the same way I do.

There are a lot of producers listed for this project, but the one that had his hand in every track is Swoop. He’s making a name for himself but he’s still a slept on emcee and an even more slept on producer. People that know him will tell you he’s a perfectionist in the studio and I think it shows here. No. The production is not mindblowing, but it is far from boring and it’s good quality, meaning it’s well mixed and mastered. Young bucks, relax and take notes.
A good example is YHWH feat. Swoope & Dre Murray. The song has elements of a trap beat but at the same time, it’s a beat you just want to spit on, like a raw cypher. I need a remix please.

It’s only March and we are having an amazing year in Christian Hip Hop so far. We may even be on track to have the best year we have ever had in our niche. This album is one of the reasons why. I have to admit, I wasn't as blown away as I was when I heard The High Society Collective, but this a a great album that will have you wondering why these guys are not bigger than they are.  This joint drops on March 5, 2013 exclusively on itunes. When you cop it, let me know what you think.

W.L.A.K. Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Imagine (feat. Christon Gray, Dre Murray, Alex Faith, & Swoope)
3. Long Way Down (feat. Christon Gray & Dre Murray)
4. All In (feat. Alex Faith & Dre Murray)
5. Coward (feat. Alex Faith & Christon Gray)
6. Reign Is Coming (feat. Christon Gray, Swoope, Dre Murray, & Alex Faith)
7. YHWH (feat. Swoope & Dre Murray)
8. ABNY (Marty McFly) (feat. Swoope & Alex Faith)
9. Broken Kings (feat. Alex Faith, Christon Gray, & Swoope)
10. Eyes For You (feat. Christon Gray)
11. WLAQ (feat. Christon Gray & Swoope)
12. Arena (feat. Dre Murray & Christon Gray)
13. King In Me (feat. Swoope & Christon Gray)

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