Released January 8, 2002

Length - 67:05

Label - UpRok

Producer - Beat Rabbi, DJ DustFreddie BrunoHarry Krum 

The Night We Called It a Day was recorded in one week in Dallas, Texas, in the apartment of group member Playdough. It was produced by Beat Rabbi, DJ DustFreddie Bruno, and Playdough, with Playdough producing under a different moniker, Harry Krum. During the recording sessions, the group met future member Sivion.

The album features an underground, anti-commercial style. Jayson Young of RapReviews.com called the album "strictly ground-roots, MC/DJ, hard-core hip-hop". Young also found Listener's vocal style similar to Son Doobie, and noted that "Stick This In Your Ear" includes a flute sample. Jon Corbin, writing for cMusicWeb.com, noted that on "World Go Round", Beat Rabbi brings a progressive jazz feel through the use of drum patterns and bass lines. Jesus Freak Hideout's Chanile Campbell described the album as east coast "smooth and a little jazzy". RapReviews.com and Sam Gunnell of Cross Rhythms also described the album as very chill and laid back, with Gunnell commenting that "If there is such a thing as easy listening hip hop, then this is definitely it!"

Thomas Quinlan of Exclaim! described the lyrical content of the album as mostly "high concept songs", but with some testimonials and praises to God. Sam Gunnell of Cross Rhythms and Jason Birchmeier of Allmusic both noted that the album's lyrics are intellectual and often humorous. Several reviewers noted the unusual verse by Listener on "Stick This In Your Ear", where he reads off a paragraph exactly as written – including punctuation. Jason Young wrote that Listener "literally says every period, comma, and semi-colon found in his verse." Also highlighted by reviewers was the skit "Close Caption", where Listener translates a sign language rap by "MC Fong".

Critics responded quite favorably to the album. AllMusic rated the album three out of five stars, and found the album's seven-minute-plus long title track to be the standout track. Jon Corbin of cMusicWeb.com wrote "Locked in Playdough's apartment, these boys got their creative juices flowing and whipped up something sweet, an album that reclaims hip-hop for the emcee." Corbin considered all of the songs well-crafted and developed, with the exceptions of "Murder Creek" and "Take the Rhythm", tracks which Corbin said will have the listener hitting the skip button. These tracks aside, he summarized:

The production is very strong, especially considering that the album was created in a week. In all in all, this is a very good disc, filled with a wide range of topics to get your brain working and your head nodding.

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Deepspace 5 - The Night We Called It Day [Full Album]

On the lyrical side of things, there are so many quality lines packed into this CD it's ridiculous. Sev, manCHILD, Freddie B, Playdough, Listener and Sintaxtheterrific all take turns killing the tracks, touching on a wide variety of topics. Stick This In Your Ear, the strongest single from the album, features one of the original verses i've ever heard a la the Listener. Sev's verse on industry offers some insight into the too-often untold business side of things. ManCHILD describes to a "t" an encounter with a Jehovah's Witness. Playdough ponders the pros and cons of following God instead of man. Despite the diverse themes, however, "The Night..." is overall a very cohesive body of work. Deepspace5 represents some of the best talent hip hop has to offer which makes it absolutely shameful that "The Night..." was basically released under the rug. The push on this project was surprisingly minimal and as the rumors of a sophomore release tickle my ears, i only hope that things change. Read More Here

This album has ole' east coast boom bap sound. Smooth and a little jazzy, this is the hip hop that has been missed in the Christian music industry until now.

The Night We Called it a Day is full of smooth head-bopping beats, strong lyrics, and a little dash of old school. What more do you need? The only turnoff from this album is that there are no printed lyrics for those of us that need them, but it's no major problem. That just gives another reason to pop it in the stereo and hit repeat. Read More Here

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