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...to be widely known is to be widely misunderstood, and that's part of it...

Press into discomfort
From the album's title track, Mineo recites the line "Comfort is a thing that'll make a King fall" and expounds on it by saying: "I think being uncomfortable is a thing nobody really enjoys. Everybody kind of uses that phrase 'I just want to live a comfortable life', but the times when we're uncomfortable are the times when we're being challenged to grow, change and to evolve as people." Mineo is doing just that as he steps not only into greater artistry but even a new role as a soon to be husband.

in focus


You Are Not A Goon Part 1

I know I'll get called a hata’. But the truth is, this is not hate. It’s love. I could not tell you the truth if I didn't love you! The truth is, it’s the enemy's goal to keep you dumb, blind, and in bondage. Then he can control you. So he uses B.E.T, movies, and music to make you think that if you read books and try to better yourself you’re a “lame” or you’re trying to be white. That’s a lie! The enemy wants you to think if you call yourself a nigga, and the baddest b****, you’re keeping it real. That's a lie. You are what you think you are. Keep calling yourself these terms that were created and used to disrespect you, and you will be exactly what you say you are. A b**** is a female dog, look it up. That’s a nasty filthy animal. Is that what you are? Where is the honor in that? Where is the honor in being a Goon? And you can not take words that were created to degrade you and use them to mean something good. That’s a lie from the pit and you need to send that lie back to the pit where it belongs. You need to understand you are disrespecting yourself by calling yourself out your name! When you disrespect the creation, you disrespect the creator. Know who you are and what you are. You are YAH’s masterpiece! You are the workmanship of Elohim

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On Monday, writing for The Washington Post, Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA) and former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams condemned President Donald Trump’s latest push to rewrite the rules of the census for partisan and racial reasons. “To tell the story of America, we must see who lives within her borders,” wrote Bass and Abrams. […]
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Last year’s Google Pixel 3a was an accessible portal to the Pixel experience. It represented a way for people to try Google’s vision for Android without breaking the bank — something that hasn’t been possible since Google dumped the Nexus line for the more premium Pixel series in 2016.

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