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Here's A Few Bars From My New eBook, "Regulations For Order and Discipline


You Are Not A Goon Part 1

I know I'll get called a hata’. But the truth is, this is not hate. It’s love. I could not tell you the truth if I didn't love you! The truth is, it’s the enemy's goal to keep you dumb, blind, and in bondage. Then he can control you. So he uses B.E.T, movies, and music to make you think that if you read books and try to better yourself you’re a “lame” or you’re trying to be white. That’s a lie! The enemy wants you to think if you call yourself a nigga, and the baddest b****, you’re keeping it real. That's a lie. You are what you think you are. Keep calling yourself these terms that were created and used to disrespect you, and you will be exactly what you say you are. A b**** is a female dog, look it up. That’s a nasty filthy animal. Is that what you are? Where is the honor in that? Where is the honor in being a Goon? And you can not take words that were created to degrade you and use them to mean something good. That’s a lie from the pit and you need to send that lie back to the pit where it belongs. You need to understand you are disrespecting yourself by calling yourself out your name! When you disrespect the creation, you disrespect the creator. Know who you are and what you are. You are YAH’s masterpiece! You are the workmanship of Elohim7936083058?profile=original

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The pursuit of higher education looks different for each person—with so many barriers standing in the way of obtaining a college degree for many marginalized groups. One man was able to beat all of the odds from his upbringing and is now celebrating earning his Ph.D.

As a child, Dr. Tommie Mabry was expelled from 10 different schools all before entering high school. Fast forward to December 2019, he was able to celebrate a huge milestone, finally obtaining his Ph.D. after a difficult journey of pursuing his education.

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Nike Sues Warren Lotas For Customizing Their Classic “Pigeon” SB Dunks

Though most would just call these customs, other sneaker purists have called these fakes. Still regardless of how people feel, Nike doesn't want one of the very few sneakers they haven't retro'd to get any sort of a comeback and sued Lotas before he could even complete a single order to anyone who dropped $300 on these joints. 
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