The Week In Rap:  Trump & Melania Test Positive For Covid 19, NFL Week 4 Grades: Biggest Winners & Losers From Sunday’s Games, NF - Invincible (Unreleased Snippet)


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Episode 11 of Community During Chaos has Derek Minor dropping all sorts of Black History lessons. J. Crum speaks about the importance of working with at-risk...


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Here's A Few Bars From My New eBook, "Regulations For Order and Discipline


You Are Not A Goon Part 1

I know I'll get called a hata’. But the truth is, this is not hate. It’s love. I could not tell you the truth if I didn't love you! The truth is, it’s the enemy's goal to keep you dumb, blind, and in bondage. Then he can control you. So he uses B.E.T, movies, and music to make you think that if you read books and try to better yourself you’re a “lame” or you’re trying to be white. That’s a lie! The enemy wants you to think if you call yourself a nigga, and the baddest b****, you’re keeping it real. That's a lie. You are what you think you are. Keep calling yourself these terms that were created and used to disrespect you, and you will be exactly what you say you are. A b**** is a female dog, look it up. That’s a nasty filthy animal. Is that what you are? Where is the honor in that? Where is the honor in being a Goon? And you can not take words that were created to degrade you and use them to mean something good. That’s a lie from the pit and you need to send that lie back to the pit where it belongs. You need to understand you are disrespecting yourself by calling yourself out your name! When you disrespect the creation, you disrespect the creator. Know who you are and what you are. You are YAH’s masterpiece! You are the workmanship of Elohim7936083058?profile=original

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"This is the most irresponsible thing I’ve ever seen a president do," said the MSNBC host.
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We have been waiting for Amazon Prime Day to begin for a longer period of time compared to previous years. However, one of the biggest, if not the biggest, online shopping events of the year is finally getting closer to happening.


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