The Week In Rap: LA based Indie CHH Artist Survivor Q Dropped His New single “Special Girl”, DIE-REK & Dj Sean P Stay Focused On Making


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Artist: YP Aka Young Paul 

Album: Beautiful Chaos

Release Date: 2020-10-09 

nobigdyl. & 1K Phew - Fieldhouse Freestyle [THVS Music Video]



The BBC ICECREAM x Reebok Question Low features a pastel-colored suede and leather upper, with BBC's running dog motif on the side, ICECREAM and Iverson branding on the tongues, and the Question and 3 logos on the heel. The insoles are also printed with the running dog insignia

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This particular iteration of the LV Trainer is offered in a low-top, featuring Monogram denim on the upper. The shoe is branded with a special LV logo on the side, as well as more traditional motifs on the tongue and heel. Monogram flowers then appear on the rubber outsole to complete the look.

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 DIE-REK & Dj Sean P

"A Better Place"





Hey, I am a bit of a new voice so allow me to intrude your headspace for a few moments. I’m Jacqui, your resident Christian Hip Hop guru and it is a divine pleasure to review KB’s new album His Glory Alone. This particular album is impressive. He stayed extremely high-energy, great to listen to on your way to work or while in the gym. Specifically so, the opening song Let It Reign ft/ Bizzle was a great segue to the rest of the project-extremely lyrical, very well written and perfectly executed for the task at hand- to open the project for the listener. Bizzle never seems to disappoint, he never misses. He gave great lyrical content, and as always, used his voice to worship/reverence The King- Yahweh. Doing so is always appreciated when we are given Christian artists who are switching up and requesting to be known simply as “artists” rather than “Christian artists” due to making strong attempts to become and stay relevant to those who aren’t preferably fans of Christian music. 


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Artist: Bizzle
Album: Crowns & Crosses
Release Date: 2016-10-21 
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Serena Williams has told how she loves representing ‘beautiful dark women’ as she discussed her thoughts on body confidence and the Black Lives Matter movement.

The tennis champion, 39, appears on the front cover of British Vogue’s November issue and told the publication how she feels she has been ‘underpaid’ and ‘undervalued’ in the past in comparison to her male and white female counterparts.

She said: ‘I’ve never been a person that has been like, “I want to be a different colour” or “I want my skin tone to be lighter.”

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Here's A Few Bars From My New eBook, "Regulations For Order and Discipline


You Are Not A Goon Part 1

I know I'll get called a hata’. But the truth is, this is not hate. It’s love. I could not tell you the truth if I didn't love you! The truth is, it’s the enemy's goal to keep you dumb, blind, and in bondage. Then he can control you. So he uses B.E.T, movies, and music to make you think that if you read books and try to better yourself you’re a “lame” or you’re trying to be white. That’s a lie! The enemy wants you to think if you call yourself a nigga, and the baddest b****, you’re keeping it real. That's a lie. You are what you think you are. Keep calling yourself these terms that were created and used to disrespect you, and you will be exactly what you say you are. A b**** is a female dog, look it up. That’s a nasty filthy animal. Is that what you are? Where is the honor in that? Where is the honor in being a Goon? And you can not take words that were created to degrade you and use them to mean something good. That’s a lie from the pit and you need to send that lie back to the pit where it belongs. You need to understand you are disrespecting yourself by calling yourself out your name! When you disrespect the creation, you disrespect the creator. Know who you are and what you are. You are YAH’s masterpiece! You are the workmanship of Elohim7936083058?profile=original

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