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Stephen Curry dribbled every which way and ran a circle around LeBron James, then drove left through the paint and beat him to the rim for a right-handed layup over the star’s outstretched arm in a move reminiscent of his recent MVP magic.

Steve Kerr got a front-row seat again for the show, delighted to be back on the bench witnessing those signature moments he has seen so many times before.

Cleveland Cavaliers at Golden State Warriors | June 4, 2017

NBA Finals: Cavaliers Warriors Game 3 Look Ahead - GameTime NBA TV

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In an interview, Andy Mineo recently said when his next project should drop.

"I just finished a new project. I was working on it in the hotel room, sending the files. That should get ready to come out in August," said Mineo. 


Report: Lakers Currently Plan on Passing on Lonzo Ball. Team isn't convinced he's a star and remains concerned about his father



“Mama, there goes that man” is a phrase made famous by NBA-player-turned-broadcaster Mark Jackson. And starting in June, a song by Rawsrvnt using a similar expression will be featured on ESPN’s “First Take” show as they broadcast from each of the home cities of the 2017 NBA Finals.


New Single! Kelly Glow "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (feat. Trebony Dillard)"



With special permission granted by Augsburg Fortress Publishing, Kelly Glow debuts her new single, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God", which is the first ever hip-hop cover of one of Martin Luther's most popular hymns. 

Audio: Kelly Glow "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (feat. Trebony Dillard)"


In "My Two Sense" Nomis offers us a dose of reality with a tablespoon of cynicism. 

#Flashbackfriday Album Review: New Breed - Nine


This is the follow up to New Breed`s first album 'Stop The Music' and this duo has a good pedigree being involved in the collective known as the Tunnel Rats. This is a concept album exploring the nine fruits of the Spirit. The beats are fresh and the rapping is tight. What I like about it is that their lyrics come off nice, clear and understandable which is not always the case.

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SparkFire Radio - Episode 3 w/ DJ SparkFire Feat. Brinson Alex Faith, Dre Murray, Trip Lee, KB

SparkFire Radio - Episode 3 with DJ SparkFire Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWWvk2B2vgkE2DnBBWdhgQA 1. "1994" - B Cooper ft. Fou...

Warriors Strike First, Roll to 113-91 Win vs. Cavs in Game 1 of NBA Finals (Video Highlights Inside) #nbafinals



Kevin Durant drove through the lane untouched for dazzling dunks time and again, finishing with 38 points, eight rebounds and eight assists in his first NBA Finals for Golden State and leading the Warriors past LeBron James and the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers, 113-91 on Thursday night in Game 1.



Selah the Corner Announces Debut Album and Release Date

‘Underground’ Cancelled; Exec Prod. John Legend Vows To Find Another Network Home

*We reported several weeks back that it probably would happen. Now, after 2 seasons, unfortunately, it has. And it just doesn’t feel right.

WGN America’s “Underground” fought the good fight, but unfortunately the cable outlet has decided that, going forward, the program would not make a good fit.

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7 Work Related Anxiety Triggers and How to Ease the Stress

Whether you work from home or go to an office daily; you are always working for someone else. Your services, talents, skills and knowledge are being exchanged for money and that means meeting expectations. It also means dealing with daily triggers that frustrate us. According to Dr. Sanam Hafeez, these triggers build up stress which may negatively impact our personal relationships physical health

Tyler Perry’s Sequel To ‘Boo! A Madea Halloween’ Gets October 20th Release Date

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New Summer Banger From Canon Featuring Aaron Cole! “We Been Here”

Canon brings the heat for summer hip hop playlists on his new song, “We Been Here,” featuring Aaron Cole blazing the chorus and second verse.

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THINGS we found along the way

The new iPad Pro isn’t a Surface killer. It’s something much better 

Now that Apple's released a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro with a faster stylus and prettier screen, comparisons to the Microsoft Surface are going to be impossible to avoid. They're two radically different visions of the future of computing from two very different companies, after all, and it makes sense to argue about which will succeed.

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