Never has uncertainty been any greater than it is today in uncertain times, because as uncertain as things are of this, I am certain that God almighty is still on his throne. I am certain that the Word of God is true from page to page and cover to cover I am certain that every promise, locked int hese pages is good for a thousand generations. I am certain that, even though men on this earth may plan and they may plot - and they may have devised Schemes and try to control the things of this earth. It is God who exalts one and it is God who uses men here on this earth. I am certain that God is a healer. I am certain that God is faithful I am certain that God is all sufficient. I know that he has given his angels charge over meI know that he will protect me. I know that he is a help to the helpless and hope to the hopeless. I know that his goodness and his mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. I know in whom. I have believed - and I believe that he is able to - do exceedingly and abundantly above all that I can ask think or imagine I know who he is. His name is Jesus Christ and he is a resurrected, savior the son of the living God, the bright and the morning star, the fairest Of ten thousand the Lion of Judah and, he is a soon-coming King of this I am certain and the reason I know is that his word has told me his Holy Spirit has confirmed in meand. I hear his voice saying: lift up your heads and rejoice your redemption draweth nigh our. God is a refuge and our God is a strength. And he is an ever-present help in a time of trouble Jesus Christ loves you, and I know you may have issues and you but you're doing better than. You think you are somebody needs to know today. Your going to make itsomebody needs to know today, you're doing allright. You may not be what you ought to be but you, not what you used to be and you're going to get there by God's grace, don't you give up do you quit and don't you keep putting yourself down you're doing better than you think you are here's the assurance that we Have not that we would go through life without difficulty not that we would go through life without struggle not that we would go through life without some storm of some kind or some need arising butthat. When we go through life, we go through life with. The promise that, in our struggle he is our strength in our struggle. He is our provider, our struggle, he is our healer in our struggle we have a firm foundation and Jesus is his name.

Ecclesiastes  Chapter 3 gives 28 times and seasons in life. It says there's a time to be born, there'sa time to die, there's a time to laugh, there's a time to cry, there's a time to dance, there'sa time to mourn. Theres a time to gather there's atime to to to to let go of all kind. It'S 28 different times in life, the one time I can't find in there is the time to quit. There is no time to quit. Inyour life in this. If you'll keep going that's how you get to heaven tell somebody this is no time to quit. You may have bars you may have chains, but you're still blessed, God loved you so, much that he gave his only begotten son to die for you. What shall we say of these things. If God be for us,  who can be against us. Seeing that he has given us his only begotten son how will he not give us all things? There is not one ounce of defeat in these words, so don't you let the attitude of defeat come into you. Because God created you to be more than a conqueror, you will go through a season of lack but God, created you to conquer lack. You will go through a season of weakness, but God will bring you through that season of weakness stronger than you've ever been before you need to understand what David said when he said, it was good that I had been afflicted. why because it was in his affliction That he learned God's faithfulness.

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