Welcome-2-Holywood-Cover-300x300.jpgFort Lauderdale, Florida‘s favorite rapper, Prodigal Son has done it once again hitting the Billboard Charts this week with not one but, two albums,“Kingdom Swagga-nomics” at #34and “Welcome 2 Holy-Wood Compilation” at #27.  When asked about the success he’s having withHoly-Wood Records so far Prodigal Son had this to say, “We are just so excited that things have been going the way that they have but, we also know that there is a long road ahead of us to reach millions of people the world-over.  We celebrate the success but, now it’s back on the grind hitting the road in support of the albums and reaching the youth for Christ throughout the world because that’s what it’s all about for us.”  The first single “Hi Haterz” featuring Cataz/Prodigal Son from “Welcome 2 Holy-Wood Compilation” is hitting out to DJ Record Pools and Radio Shows throughout the country.  “Welcome 2 Holy-Wood Compilation” features everyone on the Holy-Wood Records roster including, Prodigal Son, Cataz, Vell P, Bi-Lingo, Renegade of the King, and Hall of Faith Saints.  The album also features guest appearances from, Canton Jones, Voice, and K-Drama. According to Prodigal Son , “My idea to put this compilation out was to showcase a different breed of Christian Hip Hop to the world.  Something that is relevant musically and lyrically to the youth that are dealing with things that happen in the streets that’s my mission field.”  Recently, Prodigal Son performed on a taping of Bobby Jones Gospel in Nashville, TN to help promote “Welcome 2 Holy-Wood”Prodigal-Son-at-Bobby-Jones-Gospel-246x300.jpg Compilation. He also performed during GMA Dove Week last month atHype Radio Fest 2 in Atlanta, GA and received much praise from his peers.

In addition to everything else that Prodigal Son is involved with he has started to record the follow-up to“Kingdom Swagga-nomics” called, Suicide” which will be out on September 5th digitally through online stores.  The album, “Suicide” will be done completely as a free-style much like the upcoming mixtape,“Mask Off” coming out on May 25th  on: 


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