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Every single one of us can start the day off with prayer amen, you can now you may not, but you can before you get out of bed. You ought to be talking to God. You don't know whether you'going to be able to get back in that bed again or not life is uncertain, and yet God is so certain. He wants prayer to be a priority in your life.

The right time for prayer is not found, it is made. You've got to make up your mind, I'm going to do this. This is a priority. People find time to do what they want to do. If you're in love with someone you'll find time to call them and, you won't be in a hurry to hangup. Morning is a good time to pray. Jesus, the Bible says a great while before It was day,  he rose up to pray. Nobody prayed like Jesus, sometimes spent the whole night in prayer, and you think, if anybody did need to pray, I mean Jesus sort of had hotline to heaven. Why would he need to pray but he prayed, like nobody ever prayed, Matter of fact, the Bible says when the disciples saw Jesus pray, Luke: 29, he prayed and the appearance of his face. Was altered and his robe became white and glistening. So start your day and say Lord help me today, through the Holy Spirit to, abide in you to keep you in my thoughts. Now first of all, you know how much more peace it will bring you so many things you worry about. And you just think Lord, take that away from me sometimes you've got thoughts coming in your mind you think nobody should think those thoughts, let alone a Christian say. Lord cleanse my mind, you'll see other people that you sense have a needand. The Holy Spirit will nudge you and it's like you're, in communion with God in the spirit with your mind, don't you want that well you're walking with God.

You wake up in the morning, and you ask the Lord to give you direction for your life and to help you and strengthen you to give You wisdom - and you think about this - think about it any given day how many times you and I need to ask him to, give us direction and help us to strengthen us, give us guidance to provide something we need, that's what Paul means when he says to pray without ceasing. It's a way Of life, it's a part of, our daily life. We go to bed at night, praying, wake up praying. We are praying all during the day about different things that concern us and when we wake up in the middle of the night we ought to think about him. Lord is there something you want to say to me: do you want to get me ready for something tomorrow that I'm not aware of?

Each morning, consecrate yourself to God for that day surrender all of your Plans to him to be carried out or given up as his providence will indicate thus day by day, you may be giving your life into the hands of God, and thus your life will be molded more and more after the life of Christ. How are we transformed, into the image of God" Through communion with him.

Paul said to the Romans? Listen to this devote yourself to prayer, devote yourself to prayer means you set aside time for it you're serious about it. It is a priority in your life. Devote yourself to prayer. Give it an uninterrupted time to think clearly about what you're talking to God about. Be serious about it, not something you add, you see for most people, Prayer is an add-on.  Its an add-on to doing this doing, that doing that and before I go to bed, I'm on a little, quick prayer. No, you've got to give him time, you've got to have a relationship with him, and so, when he says, devote yourself to prayer devote yourself means you set aside a time. That is the priority of prayer means I place importance on it. I place a position. Its first in my life and prayer is the most important thing we do. Talking to God, the sovereign God of the universe, who has all power and all knowledge who knows what you think and what you feel and what you're going to ask before you ask it.

In the Christian life. There are three rules. You know what they are: prayer prayer prayer, it's the foundation of every blessing and all that we need prayer must be important. It's mentioned over 300 times in the bible, so we ought to give attention to the things that God makes a priority of prayer is an expression of faith in God. Prayer is thanking God. Instead of complaining prayer is rejoicing, accepting and appropriating grace into my life each and every day, one day we're going to see our Lord Jesus Christ face to face and friend we don't want him to be a stranger when we see him, oh we want to be walking with him in fellowship andin prayer, making a priority of prayer until we see Jesus Christ. Again. You see, Jesus begins by telling us, men ought always to pray. First, Thessalonians and 17 tell us to pray without ceasing. And We often have learned when times are good it's very easy for us to just forget to pray, uh wekind of start thinking. We can handle it on our own.

The truth Is, he means to have our attention all the time. Reoccurring awareness of his presence, and his power in our life daily throughout the day and throughout the waking hours of our life.

But Really, the Bible says praying doesn't end if you're a Christian and you're awake, You want to live in a constant walking relationship with God. That means that you spend your time abiding in the presence of God, you are praying always prayer. it is an attitude of life for the Christian. It is away of life every blessing in the Christian life comes in connection with prayer. Prayer is not the exception for the Christian it is the rule. No man or woman is going to be greater than their prayer. Life no church is going to be greater than its prayer life. I wonder how many prayers that we've left behind, because we quit too soon.

We did not pray diligently. True genuine prayer is a dialogue talking to him listening to him, that's what God wants. He wants not only for you to talk to him. He wants you to listen to. Himhe wants to give you clear direction. He wants to answer your prayer. He wants to provide what you need most the people who pray, they carry on the monologue with God. God here's my need and they go on and on and on and on, and talk to God watch this and and turn around and walk off and they never listen to God. You know why? they dont expect him to answer.

Don't jump off your knees when you feel like I've, run out of things to, say, linger and say Lord. What am I forgetting. Is there Something that I need to confessis there? Somebody I'm forgetting so often our prayers are about us and our needs take some time to intercede for other people and you'll find that prayer is not just talking prayers. Communion where you're listening to God. And he will begin to make impressions on your heart. Sometimes I've been praying. I thought, oh my mind is wandering and they realize. No God is reminding me of something I need to do today. God will speak to you when you on your knees. He talks you through his spirit through angels, he'll guide you so don't be in a hurry. You know the bible. Says do not make haste to leave the king's presence.

We don't have to beg and plead God to listion to Us. He is hearing us if you're a child of God the ears of almighty God are open to every single one of his children. You say, how could that be  possible? Because he's God. And because he's given us a message of hope about all of these things, so I think one of the reasons people don't pray is because,  they don't feel worthy. They don't feel like God's listening. They don't feel like they know how. They don't have the kind of relationship that would make them think that God would listen to him anyway. So their minds are full of doubt. I don't believe God will hear and answer my prayer. Because the truth is, God, does hear and answer the prayers of his children, even when we are confused even, sometimes when we think well, Lord, I don'tdeserve it. The truth is, none of us deserve his grace and love and mercy, but he's listening and willing to hear and answer our prayer God is not in heaven trying to be secretive about things. He wants to talk to you about your life. Listen, he created you not to harm you, but to make it possible for you to live life at its very best, but in order for that to happen I've got to be willing to listen to him. And so we need to build a relationship with the Lord. So, in order for that to happen you say well, how does God speak to me? Well, one of the ways he speaks through his word. That's, why it's good to read the word of God, a little bit before you start praying not always but, at least at some point during the day you read a portion, because it's amazing how he can take you right, tothe scripture that you just desperately need because, he's God and remember this from Genesis to Revelation. He knows every verse there isn't anything in the Bible. He doesn't know about and so building that intimate relationship is absolutely essential, and that is my prayer. That you would do the most important thing. You will doin your life every day and give God the time that he deserves. Listen to do what to set you up in a position to bless. You the way he wants to bless you to have you in the right place, doing what he wants to do in your life, giving you the very thing you are asking for, but in the way he wants to do it so you have to ask yourself the question. Do I love him enough? Do I care enough? Do I believe that he wants to do that in my life?

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