Power by Evangelist Marie Barber

Power By Marie Barber

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Evangelist Marie Barber

Evangelist Marie Barber


Lord, I want to be obedient to Your every command notwithstanding the pressures from outside my spirit man taking every thought captive to your divine will through Your Spirit


You’ve given me through the blood that did spill the ground that swallowed it up was split in two through the power of Your Word


You make all things brand new so I’m asking You to fill me up with the joy of the Lord so I can go to bat against demons with your two-edged sword


The war’s not found in nature, it’s spiritual and the way You equip Your saints is nothing short of a miracle


You bring the dead to life everlasting though the devil tries; he’s never masking the infinite power supreme of You, O God and king


You set the captives free through Your blood I’ve been redeemed now I no longer sit on the shelf, I’ve got so much more to live for besides myself


So use me Lord, build and make me and if I get too proud, then Lord please break me


All I want is to be of service


A slave O god, for your purpose


(C) Marie Barber 2012-13 (EPIC Ministries) All rights reserved

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