Peep The 116 Spanish Album Called ‘Sin Vergüenza’ And Let Me Know What You Think
Well I didnt see this coming lol.  Reach Records put out a Spanish 116 album called Sin Vergüenza!  It features some of the illist Hispanic artists in the game. It also features Lecrae, Tedashii, 1K Phew, and Derek Minor. Peep it out below and let me know what you think in the comments
Artist: 116 Clique/Various Artist
Album: Sin Vergüenza
Release Date: 2020-10-17 

Track List:
01 Donde Estan (Watcho6) [feat. Cardec Drums, Manny Montes, DJ Mykael V, Wxlf, Aklesso, Yavier Luisan, Ada Betsabe & Tedashii]
02 Rompe Bocina (feat. Cardec Drums, Tommy Royale & Social Club Misfits)
03 Como Yo (feat. Niko Eme)
04 Ella (feat. Wande & Lizzy Parra)
05 La Fiesta (feat. Lecrae & Funky)
06 Buso (feat. Tommy Royale, Angie Rose, Cardec Drums & Townix)
07 Bomba (feat. Practicko, Derek Minor & Cardec Drums)
08 Voy a Amarte (feat. Ivan Rodriguez, Byron Juane & Cardec Drums)
09 Como Fue (feat. Don Ryvcko & Cardec Drums)
10 Mejor (feat. Cardec Drums & Antonio Redes)
11 Celebremos (feat. 1K Phew & Niko Eme)
12 Ambiente (feat. WHATUPRG & Tommy Royale)
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