Chris Anthony releases a new single, "Ship In A Bottle", featuring guest vocals from Mia Hunt. The single features production by Chris Howland for JahRock'n Productions.

Chris shares, "Ship In A Bottle is written from my perspective as an artist. Yet the song can be relatable to anyone who may feel like everybody around them is just watching. A ship in a bottle is usually found on a shelf which is on display for all to see it's beauty. It is a centerpiece or a decoration which usually draws your attention. 

The EP I created is called "Gallery" because I wanted to share parts of my life and feelings to the public and put them on display like artwork in a contemporary gallery. 

I find that a ship in a bottle is a form of art. Just like our lives are art. As an artist our lives are on a shelf in public for all to see. So at times we can feel like "why is everybody watching, yet nobody is helping when things get bad?" It's like we're trapped within this public display of a glass bottle and can't get out of it. We can't really connect with all the people who watch us and most of the people who watch us aren't that genuinely concerned for us. For the audience we are simply a form of entertainment."

Audio: Chris Anthony "Ship In A Bottle (feat. Mia Hunt)"

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