My Notes! The Disciplined Mind: Your Practical Guide to IRON DISCIPLINE  By Prince Malachi


Step 1: Adopt these key mindsets to adopt to become more disciplined 

Discipline is like a mental muscle  

- stress it 

- challenge it 

- put pressure on it 

The more I run away from difficult things, the weaker my discipline becomes  - lose your fear 

- stop viewing these as hassles / ‘things I hate to do’ 

- the more you give in, the weaker you become – the harder the task or situation becomes 

The more I do things, the better I get at them  

- The more you do something, the less intimidated you become 

- The more you do something, the more routine it becomes 

- You will be able to connect the dots / you will be able to see patterns 

Competence produces confidence  

- You may not be all that confident about certain things right now 

- But the more you master them, the more competent you become and you will get more confident - the more confident you become, the more you try and the more competent you become, which leads  to more confidence, and on and on... you just need to START! 

Momentum is on your side  

- You will eventually reach a point where it becomes harder to stop than start - All it takes is to keep trying and keep pushing 

- Disciplined action becomes part of your routine 

- Disciplined action becomes part of your identity 

Step 2:Build Discipline Using the Things You’re already doing  

Meeting deadlines  

- Commit to meeting them more often 

Putting in the work  

- Commit to more output 

- Commit to more work 

- Commit to hitting quality guidelines 

Stick to regular meal schedules  

- don’t eat if you miss your meal time 

Give yourself CONSEQUENCES  

- skipped meals

- reduce your budget  

Step 3:Build Discipline by Challenging Yourself Intentionally 

Take Cold showers  

Wake up really early  

Park farther and farther from the entrance  

Reduce your snacks  

Commit to reading a certain amount of words DAILY  

Step 4:Build discipline through daily opportunities 

Find opportunities to practice discipline  

- Hunger pangs 

- Waiting in line 

- Special assignments at work 

- Hanging out with a ‘toxic’ friend 

Discover coping mechanisms  

- Reading while working out 

- Playing mind games when running 

- “Gamify” your job tasks  

- Look at the bright side (when dealing with difficult people – celebrate what’s great about them) 

Identify the times you wish to quit  

- Figure out your patterns 

- Learn to counteract 

- Learn to ‘wait them out’  

Step 5:Track and Monitor your Personal Discipline Journey  

Start a discipline Journal  

- start low and slow 

- no massive entries 

Scale up your entries and detail  

- get more and more detailed with time 

- journaling becomes part of your discipline building routine  

Step 6:Scale up systematically  

Scale up intensity  

- workouts 

- skipping certain foods 

- increase reading difficulty

- spend more time with very difficult people 

Scale up volume 

- increase word count 

- spend more time with toxic people 

Scale up scheduling  

- use narrower windows to ‘cheat’ 

Increase your patience and discipline by constantly challenging them

Step 7:Expect setbacks – they WILL happen  

Don’t give in once you fall back – don’t give yourself an excuse to indulge yourself  Focus on getting back to the program  

Focus on reducing the time you take snapping back  

Get used to snapping back until it becomes second nature  

Get so used to snapping back you lose any negative emotional associations with it



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