Motivate To Empower Part 7: Learn To Be Dedicated



Dedication is also another prerequisite to being able to achieve many things impossible or otherwise. It is often one of the most important factors needed to be in place and evident even before a project is embarked upon.

Stay Focused


Some of the ways to stay as dedicated as possible are as follows:


  • Having a love for what is required in terms of work processes in the project is important. Those people who tend to focus on the end goal rather than what it takes to get there, soon find out that they are in a rather unhappy and stressful journey. This then shifts the dedication commitment levels which can cause serious problems and effects to the project in question.


  • Being dedicated is also being persistent. If the persistency element is evident then the individual is able to work hard and do whatever is required in order to complete any endeavor started.


  • Keeping to a suitable and workable routine is also helpful as it shows the level of dedication involved. This not only helps the mind set but also allows the body to condition itself to work towards achieving the goal set.


  • When the object of the goal brings a certain level of personal gratification and at the same time is also for the good of others the dedication levels an individual is prepared to extend can be phenomenal.


  • Seeking help along the way may also show that the individual is very committed to completing the task. When faced with a problem that requires the expertise that the individual does not have, seeking outside help is one way of staying true to the project and maintaining the dedication levels.


  • Being able to move forward when mistakes are made also requires a certain dedication level. The dedication levels evident will dictate the lengths the individual is willing to go in order to achieve success









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