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Key To Success: Motivation


By Donovan Baldwin

Motivation is an important factor of success. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's not. Here's a few comments and tips on the subject of motivation.

Motivation is not a new concept to most of us. We have felt that first burst of enthusiasm. Perhaps it was an ad or news story on TV, an article in a magazine, a chance remark, or an embarrassing moment that brought us that sudden rush of certainty that something needed to be done...could be done. We felt a strong, perhaps overwhe

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 Black EntiStock-695612282-150x150.jpgerprise by Kandia Johnson  

Ready to level up in your career? Here’s a tip: don’t get too attached to a plan. Chances are if you’re not where you want to be in your career, you may want to consider a new way of thinking about your journey.

Below, check out the reasons why you may not be getting ahead in your career.

You’re looking at the wrong opportunities for career advancement

Career advancement requires that you’re curious, adaptable, resourceful, and willing to experiment on y

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The Guide to Dating an Introvert


by Divine Akorli  

You’ve found someone special. They’ve caught your eye, captured your attention, and are well on their way to stealing your heart, as well. You want this person to be a part of your life.

You get your wish, and the two of you finally make the choice to go out together. But there’s a problem. When you take your date to parties, they begin to visibly wilt after an hour or two, and linger near the door, as if they want to escape. They become irritable for no reason you can disce

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Oftentimes, we believe we need to "add something" into our lives in to be truly happy... more money, better job, a spouse, a new car, a baby. The truth is, by removing things, we create the space to find more happiness in the simple things. It's in the simplicity that happiness finds its way into the cracks of ordinary moments that we tend to take for granted.

Here are three things you need to eliminate from your life to feel more happiness each day.

1. The need to plea

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By Marc-Eddy Drouinaud Jr

There is a proven sequence of steps to follow if you want to see success when starting an online-based business. I have seen hundreds of thousands of people Start and lift their online-based business off of the ground by doing these things:

1. Provide value first.

2. Write informative copy that sells.

3. Design and customize an easy-to-use website.

4. Use popular search engines to drive qualified traffic to your site.

5. Establish yourself as an expert to the masses.


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Could creating your character be likened to an artist creating a sculpture? I believe that character is not something that just happens by itself any more than a chisel can create a work of art without the hand of an artist guiding it. In both instances, a conscious decision for a specific outcome has been made. A conscious process is at work. Character is the result of hundreds and hundreds of choices you make that gr

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There's nothing like reading and what it can do for you. But the truth is, we don't read like we used to. One of the main reasons for this is the growth of technology. However, what most people don’t know is there is so much to benefit from reading. 

When was the last time you read a book, or a substantial magazine article? Do your daily reading habits center around tweets, Facebook updates, or the directions on your

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Enough with the excuses

Are you constantly talking yourself out of taking steps toward your dreams? Sometimes, it’s not a lack of skills that hold us back from success, it’s our bad habits and excuses.

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Equally important to mastering new skills, is mastering your 0wn mindset. What are you feeding your mind? Remember, your thoughts dictate your actions. Here are a few common excuses that can hold you back from success:

“I just don’t have th

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Even the most creativity-averse people can tap into their creative genius

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According to Psychology Today, there really isn’t any research that says that people can’

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Is there something you want to happen in your life? Why not believe and make them happen? This article shows how. Read on to find out.

Are you a dreamer, thinker or doer? How would you classify yourself? Any one of these helps and you can work on the other two.

As for me, I am a thinker. I can plan things and prepare myself for something I have to confront. I am not so much of a dreamer or doer.

All the same I manage to do everything I desire sooner or later.

How do I make things happen? Planni

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Why compare yourself to others?

It is a normal human behavior to compare ourselves to other people, but doing it in a negative way is something we all should be avoiding. Comparing yourself with someone else that is working in the same field of work to improve is one thing, but it is really a bad idea if it makes you doubt yourself and gives you a negative mindset. Let us say that you are a online marketer and you are comparing yourself with a very successful marketer. It will not make you any

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( Confidence is what turns your thoughts into action. It is impossible to be successful without it because it is your belief that you can, that you’re worthy, and that you will ultimately succeed.  But sometimes, insecurities can get in the way of feeling confident. When that happens, there are a few shifts you can make to immediately boost your confidence:

  1. Open your arms. Sit up straight.

Before we dive into the quick shifts in thinking that boost your confidence, let’s st

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by Jim Schicatano


In Jesus' Parable of the Two Sons, a father asked his first son to go and work in the vineyard. His first son said he would not, but then changed his mind and went to work. The father then asked his second son the same thing. The second son replied that he would go, but did not.

After telling this parable to the people, Jesus asked them which of the two sons did their father's wishes. They agreed it was the first son.

Now, it doesn't matter if you believe that Jesus was the Me
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