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On Friday, November 13th, LECRAE will release a deluxe edition of his Restoration album featuring 6 brand new additional songs. Most of the artists featured on Restoration: The Deluxe Album are all signed to Reach Records including Andy Mineo, Hulvey, Wande, WHATUPRG, and 1K Phew. Ty Brasel and Rapsody are also featured on the deluxe edition.
Below are the additional songs on Restoration: The Deluxe Album:
  • "Come Thru Jesus"
  • "10 Toes"
  • "Rich and Famous" (feat. WHA
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Well I didnt see this coming lol.  Reach Records put out a Spanish 116 album called Sin Vergüenza!  It features some of the illist Hispanic artists in the game. It also features Lecrae, Tedashii, 1K Phew, and Derek Minor. Peep it out below and let me know what you think in the comments
Artist: 116 Clique/Various Artist
Album: Sin Vergüenza
Release Date: 2020-10-17 

Track List:
01 Donde Estan (Watcho6) [feat. Cardec Drums, Manny Montes, DJ Mykael V, Wxlf, Aklesso, Yavier
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Lecrae to make his third appearance on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'
Lecrae has announced that he will be performing again on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 
The episode will air November 1 at 11:35PM EST.

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Reach Records, God Over Money 'Beef' Addressed by Datin datinB_ft.jpg

Datin spoke to Rapzilla at Flavor Fest and explained his feelings on reading negative comments on social media and this perceived "tension" between God Over Money and Reach Records.
Datin wanted
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By Prince Malachi


4. Lecrae has charisma AKA swag: ‘Walk like a King, to get treated like a King.

In everything Lecrae does, he walks in confidence. Some christians take confidence out of context. They think it's a bad thing because they confuse it with arrogance. There is a difference between confidence and arrogance. See Arrogance is not attractive but Confidence is. We are drawn to a person with confidence and charisma. Not only can you have confidence

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I had a little conversation with my Wife one day while we were driving to Universal City walk. Now she is not a huge Christian Hip Hop fan. She likes it but she is not deep in it like I am. We were talking about Lecrae and the new album he was dropping when she asked me a question. "Why is Lecrae so popular? He is not the best Christian rapper. I've heard better rappers and better albums so why does everyone get excited when he puts an album out?" That conversation lead to the idea of me writi

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