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In the second installment of “Life Cycles of Inequity: A Series on Black Men,” Colorlines explores the inequities that have helped create dramatic unemployment numbers among young black men. Through an investigative articlevideo feature, and photo essay, the series looks at the impact that inequity in employment has had on black men and black families overall.

“Black and white men who enter the workforce without college degrees face strikingly different realities–and that disparity has long

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When President Obama follows in Martin Luther King Jr.'s footsteps on Wednesday with an address at the Lincoln Memorial, he will face a nation where race remains the great divide. 


Black lawmakers say the election of the nation's first African-America president has not been a salve for racial tensions, a view that the public has also voiced in recent polling.
While Democratic lawmakers place the lion's share of the blame on Republicans for the state of affairs, they betray disappointment th
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pic_giant_062013_SM_Bob-Woodson.jpgThe Republican National Committee commemorated the 50th anniversary of the March of Washington and Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech with a luncheon Monday.
The most rousing speech of the luncheon came from Bob Woodson, the head of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprises. Woodson criticized black leaders over Trayvon Martin, the black Florida teen who was shot to death by George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was acquitted in Martin's death. Woodson, who is black, said groups including gays
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x_dc_mtp_mklppassfull_13082.video-260x195.jpgDavid talks with Martin Luther King, Jr.'s eldest son, Martin Luther King III about the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington and civil rights in America.

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Should Methamphetamine be legalized?

Part 2 of video

Part 3 of video

Part 4 of video

I'm the last guy who ought to argue for the legalization of meth 1. As a practicing criminal defense attorney, I make a good income from defending people who are charged with drug crimes. If the drug war ended, I would lose a substantial portion of my income. Additionally, some would call me a health nut. I go to the gym six times a week and eat organic foods as often as possible. I wouldn't change my healthy lifestyle if drugs were legal. I have thr

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Check out this great video of  Deitrick Haddon singing the popular gospel song “Well Done” on the Yolanda Adams Morning Show at Yesha Fellowship Hall in Philadelphia recently.

Shout out to Praise Philly for posting the video!


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