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Losing your job is painful. There are many days when you may feel discouraged because the job market is complicated and the competition for jobs is fierce. In order to get through a period of unemployment, it’s important to use whatever resources you can to stay motivated.


Try these tips to boost your motivation while you search for a new job:


1. Utilize the power of the internet. Save time and money! Many tasks that will help you get a job are activities you can do more efficiently online.

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How To Have Everyday Faith

Everyday faith is the confidence and the ability to know that in spite of it all, God has my back. Everyday faith is as much a walk with God as it is to be an example to your neighbors of what a Christ like life is supposes to look like. Everyday faith takes more work than every day fear. Fear is all around us, but true faith is only represented by the few. It takes some lights being turned off, some bills to become due and some gnashing of the teeth to truly understand how everyday faith works.

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