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Erica Campbell’s song, “I Luh God,” dubbed “trap gospel” by critics and fans, has gotten equal parts criticism and support.

However anyone feels about it, one things for sure: the urban video is hugely popular, surpassing 1 million views on YouTube.

The 43-year-old MyBlock/eOne recording artist shared the news on Twitter, writing, “Yay!!!!” and encouraging her followers to “go see the video if you haven’t already.”

The light-hearted, trendy video features Campbell in several fun outfit chan

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"I Luh God" music video

After releasing a music video for the song, Erica Campbell posted on Facebook:

I know people have an idea of what should and shouldn’t be called gospel. But you can’t assume what or who God will use. If something isn’t for you it isn’t a reason to judge or bash just because it’s not your thing. The song I Luh (love) God for those who don’t speak slang, it’s a ghetto Love song acknowledging how I feel about God. He doesn’t care about the beat, people do. We serve a universal God who will an

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