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Brandy Fisher-Blood has joined Walt Disney Animation Studios as the head of Diversity & Inclusion Strategies and will report to Walt Disney Animation Studios President Clark Spencer.

Fisher-Blood will be responsible for overseeing diversity and inclusion efforts across Walt Disney Studios and will serve as the primary strategic consultant to Walt Disney’s business leaders, HR partners, and creative leaders including directors, producers, and production leadership.

She will al

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One of the coolest needle drop moments was Luke Skywalker's Darth Vader Rogue One hallway scene. They went full Darth Vader with Luke Skywalker. It's just that in this context he's not killing a bunch of rebels. He's actually getting rid of a bunch of dark troopers that are trying to kill the protagonists, the people that we want to survive. When Jon Favreau was talking about doing the Luke Skywalker cameo scene, actually filming it,  he said they brought Mark Hamill down so  they did not film h

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Episode 8 is the finale and what a Way to close out the season it is. Last week we ended on the cliffhanger that mando was basically doing a liam neeson and coming for Grogu, no matter what, however, he doesn't do it alone, and this episode brings back not only Bo-Katan but also Luke Skywalker, Who will be training the child. I never thought that they would actually bring him back, and I was so happy to be proven wrong as he completely elevated this episode because of his appearance. The show al

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A new Black Panther 2 rumor explains how Marvel Studios plans on replacing T’Challa following the death of actor Chadwick Boseman.

The rumor comes from YouTuber Grace Randolph and reiterates previous rumors that Marvel Studios will use a digital double for Chadwick Boseman.

Randolph writes on Twitter, “I hear that they are making a Chadwick Boseman digital double that’s looking very life like…”

She then goes on to indicate that Marvel Studios’ “current plan is that T’Challa will die in batt

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The Mandalorian’s second season premiere is just two days away, and, if you’re like me, you’ve forgotten most of what happened in the first season. If you’re also like me, you’re not planning to hunker down and marathon the first eight episodes again.

Fortunately, Disney has created a 99-second recap of The Mandalorian’s first season to save us all the trouble

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Last Updated: October 26th

Disney entered the streaming wars in a big way with the launch of its own streaming platform, Disney+. But unlike other rookie streaming services, Disney’s already got a vault full of animated classics and superhero blockbusters ready to be unlocked when fans subscribe. There are hundreds — yes hundreds — of movies coming to Disney+, including Avengers team-ups, Star Wars trilogies, and beloved animated throwbacks, so of course you’re going to need h

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(RNS) — Chadwick Boseman, who was most known for playing the superhero in the title role of “Black Panther,” was a person of faith from childhood who shared biblical wisdom along the path of his career.

The actor, who also portrayed baseball great Jackie Robinson, civil rights lawyer Thurgood Marshall, and singer/dancer James Brown, died at age 43 on Friday (Aug. 28), after being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016.

From the impression he left on a pastor of his youth to his own words at

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The late Chadwick Boseman was born in Anderson, South Carolina, a city that, like many in the Palmetto State, also features a Confederate statue. The 118-year-old monument — which is dedicated to the Confederate veterans of Anderson County and bears the inscription, “The world shall yet decide in truth’s clear far off light, that the soldiers who wore the gray and died with Lee were in the right” — was vandalized back in June, and now there’s a petition to replace it wit

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — Actor Chadwick Boseman, who played Black icons Jackie Robinson and James Brown before finding fame as the regal Black Panther in the Marvel cinematic universe, died Friday of cancer, his representative said. He was 43.

Boseman died at his home in the Los Angeles area with his wife and family by his side, his publicist Nicki Fioravante told The Associated Press.

Boseman was diagnosed with colon cancer four years ago, his family said in a statement.

“A true fighter, Chadwic

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This is my take on the all Black Avengers team if it were to ever come into play. Let me know some of the marvel characters you would like to see in all black version of the Avengers team. Let us know any questions and theories you may have about the concept as a whole or maybe even the characters like Blue Marvel or Monica Rambeau.


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There is no doubt that Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, will continue to affect the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although Tony gave his life in Avengers: Endgame, his connection to the other heroes in the MCU, including Spider-Man (Tom Holland), means that his legacy will live on. While his story has seemingly ended, there has been a lot of rumors that Downey is seriously considering returning to the MCU in the near future, but only if one of his former co-stars
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PENNY! Get ready to hear Oscar Proud’s voice ringing in your ears again soon, because the Proud family is coming back in The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, which will be streaming on Disney+! In an August 2019 interview with Where Is the Buzz, Tommy Davidson — aka the voice of Oscar Proud — mentioned that the show would be returning with new episodes on Disney’s streaming app, though he did say, “They told me not to tell nobody.” Oops!

Disney confirmed on Feb. 27 t

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Before the confetti could even settle on Sunday’s Super Bowl championship in Miami, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was whisked off to the Lombardi and MVP trophy presentations, a South Beach after-party into the wee hours of the morning and a Super Bowl MVP parade at Disney World. But not before he got to enjoy a full-circle moment he’d been wishing for since he decided to pursue football: being able to say, “I’m going to Disney World.”

As a 17-year-old high school quarterb

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When Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted the news Monday that the movie adaptation of his groundbreaking Broadway show Hamilton was set for release by Disney in fall 2021, he omitted one of the most breathtaking parts of the deal.

According to sources, Disney beat out other suitors and paid $75 million for worldwide rights to the show that won 11 Tony Awards in 2016, as well as the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Disney won the deal with a commitment for a wide global theatrical release for the 2 hour, 40 m

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars Edition box


  • What’s in the box?
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
      • Accessories: Wired AKG earbuds and quick charger
    • Samsung Galaxy Buds
    • Leather case for the Note 10 Plus
    • Commemorative plaque

Samsung didn’t skimp on the box — it’s one of the coolest packages I’ve seen. On the front sleeve, you’ll find the one and only Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. Take the sleeve off, and you’ll see his repaired helmet without the hood. This is definitely one of the mor

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As big as Avengers: Endgame turned out to be for Marvel, the studio can’t just turn around and make another movie of such epic proportions. It needed more than 10 years to build the MCU up for such a suspenseful and heartbreaking climax, and we’ll have to wait quite some time for a similarly massive plot to grow inside the MCU. We need new heroes to replace the ones we lost, but also new villains of the same ferocity as Thanos to give the Avengers the kind of life-or-death task they had to face

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Yet another new subscription video bundle has been unveiled, for those of you keeping score at home. It’s an additional packaged offering from Disney, and it’s a good one -- starting on November 12, as a complement to the company launching its much-anticipated Disney+ Netflix rival for $6.99, Disney will also launch a separate mega-bundle on that same day. Priced at $12.99, it will include a subscription to Disney+, ESPN+ as well as Hulu.

Let's break that down a bit to see why that's such

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Ask a hundred people what their favorite animated Disney movie is, and odds are that a huge chunk of them will answer that it’s The Lion King. I know it’s my personal favorite, ever since I was a small kid. I’ve got such a soft spot for the movie that almost nothing can top it — not even the live-action remake, no matter how good it was.

It seems like I’m not the only one who thinks this way. Artists Ellejart (whose real name is Nikolay Mochkin) and Design By Feo recently drew the most amaz

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The remake roared to the top with ease.

Disney's recent CGI remake of the 1994 animated film The Lion King dominated the box office in its opening weekend, earning an estimated $185 million at 4,725 theaters in the U.S. and Canada, alone.

According to Entertainment Weekly, this sees the film, released July 19, earn the highest box office numbers ever of a domestic launch of a PG-rated film. In an even greater feat, The Lion King had the highest July film opening of all time.

The Lion King — 

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The Eternals – Release Date: November 2020

The Eternals cast appeared on stage which included: Richard Madden. Kumail Nanjiani. Lauren Ridloff, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Lia McHugh, Dong-Seok Ma, Angelina Jolie along with director Chloe Zhao.

Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden went on to say, “I play Icarus. The sexiest of the Eternals.” Another extraordinary announcement is that The Eternals will have the first deaf character in the MCU, a definite win for the disability co

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