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Gender equality, in terms of struggle, is still a distant dream. In this 21st century, where things are still in the transition phase, there, women are struggling to establish themselves in the business world. Undoubtedly, many businesswomen have become quite popular. Yet the challenges faced by women in achieving their professional goal of becoming an entrepreneur are innumerable. Here some of the most common problems faced by women in initiating a startup have been discussed.


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By Victor Ochieng

Making it in business requires focus and resilience. Many entrepreneurs get discouraged as soon as they sense diminishing opportunities characterized with slump in sales, especially if it comes at a time their competitors are doing just fine.

An entrepreneur who lacks confidence might end up being pushed out of business because of such challenges. That’s why it’s important to consciously boost one’s confidence so as to keep the business afloat and raise opportunities.

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What is the smallest change you have made in your business that has had the biggest positive result?

The following answers are provided by members of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.

1. We Write Everything Down

After verbally telling team me

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By Victor Ochieng

Many people want to be rich but keep on wondering why things aren’t working out for them. They try to save, get into business, or pump their money into funds management firms, but still realize no financial progress.

One man carried out a five-year study on self-made millionaires and found out something that defines this clique: They never say “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

What it means is that they avoid procrastination as much as possible, says Thomas C. Corley, who conduc

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By Liku Zelleke

American teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 spend an average of nine hours a day using entertainment media, while kids between the ages of 8 and 12 spend an average of six hours a day doing the same.

This alarming news comes by way of “The Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens,” a report just released by Common Sense Media following a study that intended to show the broad picture of youth and their use of social media in the U.S.

Although a substanti

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Alphabet officially vaulted Apple to become the most valuable company in the U.S. in Tuesday trading , rousting the iPhone maker from the perch it held for more than four years.

Alphabet shares (GOOGL) jumped 6% after Google’s parent reported estimate-topping fourth-quarter results after Monday’s close. Its combined share classes were then worth $554 billion, surpassing Apple (AAPL), which had a value of about $534 billion and whose shares were down slightly after hours.

“Google is in the pole

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Young Black Entrepreneurs

Sherron Stevens (left), Essynce Moore (center), and Jaylen Bledsoe (right)

Nationwide — All of us have heard the word “entrepreneur” tossed around at some point in time. When you picture an entrepreneur, who do you imagine? Maybe you imagine Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or even Mark Zuckerberg. But they aren’t the only ones!

Here’s a list of the top five young African American entrepreneurs to keep an eye on in the year 2016:

#1 – Jaylen D. Bledsoe: This 17-year old entrepreneur is the founder/

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I see 8-10 requests per week from people needing start-up money. And yes, capital is always difficult to find – especially with businesses that tend to use service, information or technology. So, does that mean it’s impossible to launch a great idea? Absolutely not!!

According to the most recent Bureau of Census data, these are the figures for money needed for new businesses:

1% needed $1,000,000 or more

14% needed $25,000 — $999,999

10% needed $10,000 — $24,999

9% needed $5,000 — $9,999


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Courtesy T.D. Jakes Enterprises

Looking for success? You may have to change your mindset.

“Instinct” author and bishop T.D. Jakes spoke with FBN’s Charles Payne Wednesday on what it takes to achieve business success. Here are some of his tips:

No. 1: Think global.

“You can’t be tribal and be a global thinker at the same time. The reason money is called currency is that it needs to be able to flow. And the issue is, do you have a vision that flows beyond people who look like you, think like

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Most people think of tablets as a secondary device with an extra-large screen, only good for browsing the Web or watching video on the couch. Samsung has something else in mind with its latest, the Galaxy Tab Active, which is rugged, water-resistant and aimed at business customers.

While most tablets built with the job site in mind are large, clunky devices, the Tab Active is thin, compact and attractive. It’s essentially a large LTE-ready phablet that can make phone calls, survive drops and

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Chase Reed; Maya Penn; Warren Cassell Jr.

Three self-starting teens have found ways to make their dreams come true and achieve CEO status before they’ve even set foot in a college classroom.Summer plans for teens normally involve spending days at amusement parks, binging on video games or the occasional part-time job to earn a little cash. But normal isn’t an option for three teens this summer. These teens have busine

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Women of color are a principal force within the U.S. entrepreneurship community, according to a new report released by the Center for American Progress. The report lays out the current landscape of women of color entrepreneurs, explores the factors in the traditional workplace that push women of color to start their own businesses, and offers recommendations in order to ensure women of color continue to pursue entrepreneurship and thrive.

“Empowering women of color to capitalize on their own t

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6 Tips for Young Investors


Once you land full-time employment, your employer may offer the option to contribute to a company-sponsored retirement plan. You might reason you can’t afford to contribute, but you’re wrong. You can’t afford not to contribute to your retirement fund. If your company offers a matching contribution, that’s even more incentive to contribute as soon as possible. This is your chance to get free money—take it.

Steps To Take

  1. Start early. “Time is a critical element to investment success. It’s not
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Expanding your business might seem like the right move, but before you take that step, take the time to carefully evaluate your current position.

It’s one of the most exciting notions in the world of entrepreneurship: scaling. Growing. Expanding your core business to new audiences and new regions, with new features and new offers. Of course the most exciting part of that expansion is more recognition, more customers and therefore more revenue.

Once you feel established as a company, it’s temp

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5 Investing Mistakes to Avoid


Rookie investing mistakes to avoid.
(Photo: Dizzydee Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Investors are their own worst enemies sometimes. As market participants, we often struggle with the pitfalls of fear and greed. These two emotions have the potential to inflict more damage to a portfolio than anything found lurking in economic reports or quarterly conference calls. However, beginners can mitigate risk by avoiding some common mistakes.

The cost of having emotions play a role in your portfolio is expe

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Family Dollar Closing Stores


Family Dollar plans to cut some jobs and close about 370 underperforming stores as it tries to reverse sagging sales and earnings. The discount store operator will also lower prices on about 1,000 basic items. (Bloomberg News photo by Daniel Acker) Photo: ACKER, BLOOMBERG NEWS

Dollar stores are feeling the pinch from mounting financial pressures on low-income shoppers.

Family Dollar said Thursday that will cut jobs and close about 370 under-performing stores as it tries to reverse sagging sa

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Image credit: Shutterstock

With college students stressing about exams, scrapping pennies to buy their weekly supply of ramen noodles and pulling all-nighters at the library, (while also trying to squeeze in a social life), starting a company may be the last thing on their minds. But it shouldn’t be.

When I started my business Headbands of Hope in college, there were always reasons why I shouldn’t launch a company at that moment: I need to focus on school or I don’t have enough experience. Bu

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Online businesses don't succeed by accident or without effort. Out of the thousands of would-be entrepreneurs who start an online business every year, only a small percentage will succeed. A recent survey estimates that a stunning 90% of new internet business fail within the first year.

You can avoid being part of that unsettling statistic. I have put together the top 10 secret tips for online business success. These may not be what you're expecting to hear, but if more entre

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10-reasons-to-run-your-own-business-pan_6918.jpgThere must be some reason why some 600,000 new businesses are founded each year, right? Well, based on an informal survey conducted by, there are plenty of good reasons to run your own small business. Nearly 500 (462 to be exact) small business owners responded to the survey in which they were asked to name some of the reasons why they prefer to own their own small business as opposed to working as an employee for a larger company. What follows is a list of the 10 most common response
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