Let Go & Let God

My life has been going in the right direction since I have let go and let God. It amazes me how things just fall into place when I turn all of my burdens over to Him. I have a person in my life that refuses to see any other point of view but his own. We used to fight, argue, and never see eye to eye. I know I am wrong for allowing this person to bring out my dark side but we all know that when the devil is always in your face it is hard to step back and say God, You handle it.These last couple of days my heart, mind, and soul have been filled with so much joy because I have prayed and turned his person over to God. When I am attacked verbally I can say Have a Blessed Day (& mean it). It’s funny that when you won't argue with someone and get on his or her level it appears that you are being phony. I know without a doubt that when you say you hate me & I say Be Blessed I am not being phony.God has a way of making your enemies your foot stools (old sayings really do speak the truth) He will fight your battles and let you know that everything will be okay your life may not be where you want it to be but that every breath is a blessing.
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  • Wow this is vary moving. I'm praying for you and with you. I know your on the right track. The closer you get to GOD the stronger you will be.
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