Justin Bieber causes mayhem in the streets when fans rush to get a glimpse of the pop star as he goes to KISS FM studios accompanied by his father, Jeremy. (Getty Images)
Who needs religion when you got Justin Bieber? 
The pop icon has recently come out with a statement that Jesus Christ is a huge influence, not only on his career, but also especially on his new album Believe. 
According to the Daily Mirror, Bieber described the sound of his thumping new dance album as "a mix between Fergie and Jesus." 
Christians everywhere, REJOICE! 
Along with his savior, the album also draws from the woman who accused Biebs of impregnating her. 
After repeatedly denying claims that he was, in fact, the father of Mariah Yeater's baby, she finally dropped the paternity case altogether. Now, Bieber will continue to deny the charges in song form. 
We get it, Justin. This kid is not your son. 
Bieber released a total of 8 tracks from his new album at an exclusive playback session in London Monday night. Among the track titles released were the hit "Boyfriend," "All Around the World," "Thought of You" - one of Bieber's favorites, and the fan-inspired titled track "Believe." 
The singer is still deciding which of 40-recorded tracks will make the cut for the public release of Believe that is still two months away. 
"It's so cool to step out with a different style, out of your comfort zone," Bieber announced at the session. "I definitely feel like I had something to prove." 
Justin... You have a six million dollar home, a fleet of fully loaded, custom automobiles, and a constant mob of screaming fans wherever you go. What else do you have to prove?
Contributors on the new album include names like Rodney Jerkins, Timbaland, Drake, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Nasri and Hit-Boy.
SOURCE: Hollyscoop
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