*In wake of the murder of Cleveland grandfather Robert Godwin, whose shooting was broadcast on Facebook, Rev. Jesse Jackson is calling for a 30-day halt of the Facebook Live feature both in memory of Goodwin and as a call-to-action to prevent footage of heinous acts from spreading online in the future.

The live feature on Facebook has captured several deaths since it was launch. Jackson met with officials in the Chicago area to discuss this matter, calling for Facebook to put the service into moratorium and installing a method that would allow for the instant removal of disturbing content.

The moratorium would serve as “a time out” to help Facebook figure out how to prevent people from using it “as a platform to release their anger, their fears and their foolishness,” Jackson told USA TODAY.

“The moratorium is … an opportunity for tech companies, elected officials, law enforcement, community based organizations and civil rights advocates and others,” Jackson said.

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  • I agree with Jesse Jackson 100% but just think about it, if it's not on Facebook live they will find another platform and broadcast their anger there so I say do away with all live feeds for every social media if they want to make a difference. But that is just my opinion. Feel free to chime in.

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