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I want so much to remind you who you are I want you to know that it doesn't matter what other people have called you that it doesn't even matter what you've called yourself there is only one who has the right and the authority to tell you who you are I want you to know that other people aren't qualified to name you and circumstances they may have made things difficult for you but they actually aren't powerful enough to define you. I want you to know that your history may have marked you but it is not authorized to label you. I want you to know that what your mama called you or what your daddy did to you. It may have hurt you and it may actually take real emotional work and years to kind of come up out of the the unhealth that it rooted into your life. I understand that but I want you to know that it does not have the power to shape the totality of who it is that you've been called to be. Listen to me you are not defined by your past; you are not defined by your behavior; you are not defined by your failures; you are not defined by your struggles; you are not defined by your feelings; you are not defined by your circumstances; you are not defined by the here today gone tomorrow false ideologies and philosophies of our current culture. you are who God says you are.


 There are a lot of voices in life trying to define us tell us who we are. Instead of letting people define you; instead of letting circumstances label you, you need to go back to what God said about you. God says you can do all things through Christ. You're equipped and empowered. Other voices will tell you the problem's too big. You don't have what it takes. If you let these other voices play, it will keep you from your destiny the only one that knows who you really are is your creator. He calls you a masterpiece. He said you've been fearfully and wonderfully made. He said you will be mighty in the land; that you are more than a conqueror; strong confident, approved, valuable, that's who you were created to be. When you say what God says about you, then you activate what he put on the inside. 


He has said that you are a chosen race. You're a royal priesthood. You are a person that's been redeemed and chosen adopted and qualified. You're not a mistake. You are not an afterthought. You're not a liability. You have been created in the very image of God. That means every aspect of your physicality. It means the skin you're in. It means the hair texture that is on your head. It means the structure of your body. Every unique aspect of your physicality and my physicality has been made in the very image of God. That even your personality is a unique expression of the creative genius of God. You are made and fitted with the uniqueness of your personality and your temperament in the image of God. You are not introverted by mistake. You are not extroverted by mistake. You are who God created you to be. Even your weaknesses aren't a liability they are actually a unique fitting by God. Because your weaknesses just become a platform for the strength of God to be displayed through your life. 


We are all wonderfully created by a creator God And are unique as an individual. You are different than any human being that has ever been on this planet or is on this planet now everything within you screams of your individuality screams of your uniqueness and that God has a purpose and he made you on purpose to match an identity. Your DNA, no one on this planet has your DNA. Think about that billions of people and no one has your DNA. You have a fingerprint that screams you are unique, you're an individual. And that you're created in a special way for a special purpose,  on purpose. God made you a certain way on purpose. Quit allowing the world to discredit your divine design. Quit allowing the world to define you. The world will try to impose an identity on you. Families will try to impose an identity on you. 


The culture will try to impose an identity on you and it'll ruin your life it'll ruin your purpose and so y'all we live in a day and age where if you have not noticed where the enemy is running rampant with this issue of identity. We can tell this because everything is being redefined the things that God has already given definitions to everybody's trying to redefine. But you are who God says you are you are who he has created you to be. This issue of identity y'all is so important because the enemy wants so much to twist and turn your identity your image of whGod has created you to be, because you will either live up to or you will live down to whatever you believe to be true about who you are so this issue of identity is so critical 


Now the enemy will work overtime to try to steal your sense of value, your sense of worth. he knows if he can distort your identity, who you are and convince you that you're just average, nothing special about you then he can keep you from your greatness. 


You may not even realize this but there's a spiritual war going on over your identity and Satan knows that if he can keep you from being you who God made you to be, if he can hide your true identity if he can distort your true identity, if he can destroy what God intended for you to be. He has succeeded in hurting God by hurting God's children. Now how does satan do this. How does satan keep you from knowing your true identity? Well he uses a lot of different tools. One of the tools he uses is the opinions of other people. Our parents said things about you; your peers have said things about you; your partners have said things about you; enemies and friends have said things about you. Some of them were true. Some of them were not true. But they were all trying to mold you into their image. people all your life have been trying to get you to be what they want you to be, not what God wants you to be. And satan uses the opinions of others to keep you from the true you. what you were meant to be by God. Satan uses hurt and he uses pain in your life to deceive you and disguise your true identity. Because if he can get you resentful; if he can get you bitter; if he can get you angry, guilty or ashamed he knows you're going to miss your true identity. Now Satan wants to steal your identity so he says things like this you have to earn God's Acceptance to be loved and liked by him. To be accepted by God you gotta earn it. He says things like you don't matter, You're not important you're never going to amount anything.  In fact you're flatout, Worthless. He says it to you all the time he says things like. You know that thing you that sin you committed, you could never be forgiven for that. You should be ashamed of yourself. All shame comes from Satan. It doesn't come from God. Shame comes from satan you should be ashamed of yourself. Jesus said “I didn't come to condemn the world but save it”. You'll never be forgiven for that. Who do you think you are. And then he says things like, you could never do it get it right. Who do you think you are. You could never do anything right now he says those and that hides your true identity. 


God created you on purpose for a specific purpose and your identity is directly connected to that. And the devil knows it. He wants to impose a false identity on you He wants to create a fallen identity or identity confusion. Anything he can do to mess up your identity will affect your purpose in this life. And so we know, we connect you to your identity, you're going to fulfill your purpose in this life you're going to be filled with joy; you're going to be fruitful; you're going to be happy; you're going to be fun; to be around it's going to change everything. 


When God looks at you he sees you as his treasured possession nobody values you more than God, Nobody. The Bible says this in Isaiah 43:4 God says,  you are precious to me. Now your parents may have never called you precious,  but God does. God says you are precious to him. You are holy you are extremely valuable. Now why am I extremely valuable?  Because, Jesus gave his life for me. That shows my value. Jesus gave his life for me. A lot of people say well you know I'm I'm nothing. I'm worthless. I'm no good I'm just junk. Jesus did not die for junk. How much are you worth? Look at the cross this is how much you're worth. Those people who told you when you're growing up, you're not worth anything, you're not important and in so many ways they said to you you don't matter as much as your sister does or your brother does or whatever does, You don't really matter that much they were lying. They were lying because you are not only completely acceptable to God through Christ but you are extremely valuable to God because of what Christ did for you. What a shame to live and die and never really know who you are what could you become if you saw yourself the way God sees you. What dreams could you accomplish; what obstacles could you overcome; what businesses could you build; what books could you write; What influence could you have if you only knew who you are you are no ordinary child put your shoulders back hold your head up high, and step up to who you were created to be. Don't let the world conform you into some image that you won't even recognize but be transformed now by the renewing of your mind and let God define you and no one else define you because if you'll let God define you in who you are you will live life and the abundance that God has provided in this life amen.








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