Here's A Dope New EP! AlphaTron 2020 by  Nomis

SlickNomRio takes the futuristic and cosmic sound bed of the HipHop classic, "Deltron3030" and warps it to function as a foundation for the intergalactic wordplay of Nomis', "Searching for Alpha Trion". The result is a curation of truly cosmic proportions that transcends both time & space.

De-Classified: This project was created in 2013 and was intended to be released in the year 2020 since its inception.


released November 20, 2020

Beats: Dan the Automator
Raps: Nomis, Del the Funky Homosapien, Thrice Born, Sev Statik
Cuts: Kid Koala, Dj Aslan

Anklo Atlas


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