God's love is my comfort.

God's love is my comfort.

Healing in my life is assured when I look to the heavens for solace. God’s love is my comfort. He takes care of my emotional well-being.


Disrupted relationships are difficult to handle on my own. Whenever my heart breaks from missing someone special, I turn to God for consolation. Knowing that I have His unconditional love calms my emotional turmoil.


The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross is a reminder of how important I am to God. It reminds me that I always have somewhere to turn when I am feeling hopeless.


Sometimes my friends are unable to understand what I am going through. The only listening ear that knows exactly what I am feeling is the heavenly Father’s. I go to Him with complex issues that I am unable to figure out on my own.


Knowing that God loves me guides me to forgive my own missteps. Whenever I do something hurtful, I immediately pray for forgiveness.


When I sincerely ask God to forgive me, I believe that His love delivers me from the guilt. My commitment thereafter is to live according to His teachings. I am assured that I am serving Him when I follow the steps of His son, Jesus.


The love that God has for Jesus passes down to me because I am one of His children. Knowing that I have someone who welcomes me with open arms is comforting.


Today, I look up to God whenever my soul feels disquieted. His everlasting love pours down on me and gives me rest. I love the bond that I share with Him.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. How easy is it for me to go to God when I am ashamed of my actions?
  2. What does it mean to have a heavenly Father who sees and knows everything?
  3. When do I feel God’s love most in my life?







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