Daily Devotional: Get Ready For More Than You Ask For | Something Big is On The Way For You!

Today’s topic is something really interesting but much more, it contains numerous lessons to be learned by everyone. This message isn’t something you should listen to with a divided attention or with partial focus, it requires your full attention. I’ll like to start with a very common scripture in the Bible , Jeremiah 29: 11;


plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Now, many believers know that God has a plan and a purpose for their lives, that God has a future for them. However, I’ll start from the basis by establishing that as a living being on the surface of the earth, God has a plan for you. For every of God’s creation, there is a record, a script of what God has planned that you would do on earth and all of these are great plans. Now, for every one of God’s children who accepts the life of God and becomes a believer, he has been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light and will begin to take steps in alignment with God’s plans for his life. This means that every believer on earth has a purpose that must be fulfilled on earth in line with the propagation of Christ. You have an assignment on your shoulder dear believer. You are not on earth to live your life only for you. This is a grave mistake that believers make, you are quick to forget that you have a mission. That you have a mandate to fulfill.

Now that we have established that God has a plan for all of his children, for you, there is a training that needs to be carried out to prepare you for this great assignment. God never uses untrained soldiers. God trains all of his children. If you are unprepared, you are more prone to failing or falling. The work ahead requires training, you must be prepared in other to achieve success. There is no success without a process. You must be willing to go through the process. The more responsibility God has placed on you, the greater the sacrifice and training you need to prepare you for this assignment and it’s important to be willing to go through this period of training. You might have noticed that your pattern of life is different from the next person around you. Although the plan for all of God’s children leads to one end, the paths in which they take is different and you must have realized that God’s dealing with you is personal. Based on the assignment of each person, God trains them, in the relevant lessons they need to learn. What am I saying?

There is like a course module that contains an outline in chapters of the lessons that you need to learn. This course module contains the necessary information you need to be equipped with to achieve the desired success in the field God has called you to. You cannot skip classes in God’s preparation scheme because every class is important and fundamental to your growth. Where it seems like you skip a class, you would eventually meet an issue that would make a demand on the lesson you should have learnt from that class and now, you would have to learn that lesson in a hard way and it becomes a dealing. This is what many persons often call dealings because if you are really sold out to God, then he has a great plan for you which is accompanied by great sacrifices that must be paid.

Have you wondered why the Bible likens believers to soldiers? It says to endure suffering like a good soldier of Christ. Have you ever thought to wonder what the training of a soldier looks like? Why do soldiers have to go through such rigorous training? Policemen are also defenders, yet they are not exposed to such levels of discipline. This is because the level of responsibility laid on the shoulders of the soldiers is enormous and they cannot be found sleeping or slacking on duty. Imagine how you would feel if you found out that a soldier was so careless that he forgot his box of ammunition? You would probably wonder if he really went through the military’s training. The same way a soldier cannot be found slacking in his duty is the very same way the believer who would be used by God cannot be found to be untrained. The bible likens the training of a believer to that of a soldier, so let’s examine a few characteristics of a soldier’s life.
One important characteristics of the life of sa soldier is discipline. A soldier is disciplined through and through. I’ll read out something I saw regarding military discipline. “Military discipline is the government or the manner of leading and directing troops. Well-disciplined troops are troops that have proper rules and observe them precisely…

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