Die-Rek – The Die-Version Project (free download)

Die-Rek – The Die-Version Project (free download)
MC/Producer/Connoisseur are a few names given to this artist. Soon to be a well rehearsed name in this business, Die-Rek is one artist that can manage to keep it dirty and clean at the same time.

Hailing out of Toronto, Canada this young canuck brings that deep rooted native tongue type flavor that many try to swing but come up short or just missing. Die-Rek is a well put together package that music lovers will enjoy and has the ability to touch areas of your soul you never even knew existed.

This project promises to take you on a journey to that era in hip-hop where business was still present, but the enjoyment of the art was so strong it overrode the politics to a point where they seemed non-existent.

Ladies and gents, I present to you hip-hop, I present to you… The Die-Version Project.

The Die-Version Project track list:
1. The Die-Version (Intro) feat. Ed. E Drummond
2. Grown Man Biz feat. DJ Versatile
3. The Good Samaritan (The Now Version)
4. U Ain’t Gotta Know (Trust and Obey)
5. Hey Love Instr.
6. Feelings feat. Roach Uno and Darker Peter Parker
7. Last But Not Least feat. Dee Jackson
8. Remember
9. Day Off Instr.
10. Superific
11. Crush feat. ChrisJay
12. Treasure Chest
13. Droppin’ on the 1
14. Ridin’ High Instr.
15. Expressions
16. Success feat. Nifty
17. Dooms Day feat. Relic the Oddity and ChrisJay
18. Late Nights Instr. (Outro)
19. bonus track: Borderline feat. DJ Versatile (Produced by DJ Versatile)

Download: Die-Rek – The Die-Version Project

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